10 Elusive Facts About Naruto Series

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1.While Naruto was initially the shortest of the Konoha 11, he ultimately becomes taller than all of them.


2. Masashi Kishimoto originally planned for Hiruzen to be a dog, but dumped the idea for being “too weird.”


3. Guy’s appearance and mannerisms seem to be based off those of Bruce Lee. He even wields nunchucks and jumpsuit.


4. Itachi is the only person in Naruto shown to be able to readily summon crows and not just use them in techniques.


5. Since Ginkaku and Kinkaku were able to assimilate Kurama’s chakra by eating its flesh, the Fourth Raikage suspected them to be distantly related to the Sage of the Six Paths. The fourth databook confirms this as a fact.


6. The name “Zabuza” literally means “never cut twice”


7. All members and aspiring members of the Seven Swordsmen have sharpened teeth.


8. Masashi Kishimoto stated in an interview that if Team 7 would be real, Naruto would be American, Sakura would be European, and Sasuke would be Asian.


9. The name “Mifune” is synonymous with samurai, just as the name “Hanzo” is synonymous with shinobi.


10. Itachi is tied with Jiraiya for having the highest stat total in the databooks.


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