10 Facts you didn’t know about Dragon Ball Z

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We found some amazing facts about Dragonball Z that we didn’t really know about

Enjoy it <3


1. Kamehameha was performed 97 Times By Goku throughout the series.



2. Bulma had 17 different hair styles throughout the series



3. The creator of Dragon Ball,Akira Toriyama, said that Piccolo is his favorite character. He said : “It really is cliche when bad guys turn into good guys, but it just feels great drawing it!”



4. Lunch never appears in Dragon Ball Z because Akira Toriyama said that he “forgot” she existed.



5. Did you know that Android 17’s real name is Lapis and Android 18’s real name is Lazuli ?



6. The legendary fight between Frieza and Goku took Three and a half hours of screen time, and it seems it is the longest fight in Anime History.



7. Yu-Gi-Oh Tyler the Great Warrior was inspired from the Future Trunks.



8. The legendary Super Saiyan actually self-destructed as a Golden Oozaru 1,000 years befor to the Saiyans’ arrival to earth, so Broly isn’t the legendary Super Saiyan



9. Buu is actually five million years old.



10. Yamcha always loses in the quarter finals of every World Martial Arts Tournament.


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