10 most powerful Eyes in Anime

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Eyes are considered as the windows to the soul. But for some supernatural characters such as Superman, eyes are also weapons. He can see through solid objects or melt things with his eyes. In anime world, eyes is much more powerful than that. Let’s find out what eyes are the most powerful one.

  1. Emperor eyes – Kuroko no Basket

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The Emperor eyes allow their user to see extreme details of a person such as breathing, muscle movements, body tension, rhythm, etc. That means who has these eyes can predict the movements of the others in a near future.
In Kuroko no Basket, Akashi is the character who owns the Emperor eyes. He uses them not only to develop his skills as ankle break, but also to strengthen his moves as passing and stealing.

  1. Alpha Stigma – The Legend of Legendary Heroes

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Anime - powerful eyes

These eyes are more powerful than Emperor eyes. Alpha Stigma is magic anime eyes with the abilities of analyzing and understanding all magic as well as analyzing the structures around the bearer.
Alpha Stigma is considered as dark magic because it is activated by the death of a friend or family members of the user. It leads the user to a rampage, a seeking for destruction.

  1. Millennium eyes – Yugioh

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Anime - powerful eyes

People who own these eyes have the capacity to read the mind of an opponent. Thus, the user can know what his opponent is thinking. Millennium eyes are powerful enough to allow the user see even the hidden memories as well as sense any spirit inhabiting in one’s mind.

  1. The Ultimate eye – Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Anime - powerful eyes

Bradley is the character who possesses the Ultimate eye – his powerful left eye. He can use it to read opponents’ minds in the battle so that he can easily avoid oncoming attacks with little to no effort. But much of time, he hides his amazing eye behind an eye patch.

  1. Shinigami eyes – Death Note

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Anime - powerful eyes

In Death Note the Shinigami eyes have an interesting ability. The owner of these eyes does not need to know others’ names by asking but by looking. They can also reveal the lifespan so that the owner can easily write down the victims’ name in the Death Note. However, Shinigami eyes’ owners cannot see each other’s lifespans that means people cannot see their own lifespan. And they just work under some certain circumstances.

  1. The Demon eye – Soul Eater

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Anime - powerful eyes

This eye is not like the others above because it seems to have limited energy that means to perform high-level spells, it must be charged. With full energy, the Demon eye will allow user to manipulate space for a variety of effects, cast out powerful barriers or become portals teleport or even create life-like illusions.

  1. Faustian contract – Kuroshitsuji

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Anime - powerful eyes

Faustian contract is more than a special eye, it is also a link and a bargain between humans and demons. The owner can use this eye to summon the demon he made the contract with. The summoned demon will try to accomplish the mission by all means regardless how brutal it would be. In return, the summoned demon will eat human’s soul if the contract is completed. Having no soul, the human will die.

  1. Cursed eye – D. Gray-Man

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Anime - powerful eyes

This kind of eye has levels, it will evolve to be more powerful. Allen Walker is the character possesses this eye. At level 1, the eye allows Allen to see souls trapped in demons. At level 2, Allen can pinpoint Akuma. And at level 3, it is more powerful that can support Allen in the combat with Alma Karma.

  1. Geas – Code Geass

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Anime - powerful eyes

This eye possesses supernatural ability and belongs to Lelouch vi Britannia. Geass can manifest differently in each person depending on their inner desire and personality. With the power of absolute obedience, Lelouch’s Geass allows him to plant commands within a person’s mind just by a direct eye contact.

  1. Sharingan – Naruto

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Sharingan is considered as the heaven’s eye. Its wielder has ability to copy almost technique that he witnesses. This is one of the three great eye techniques along with Rinnegan and Byakugan.


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