10 Things We Need To See Happen In ‘Dragon Ball Super’

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“Dragon Ball Super” is coming on July 5, and fans everywhere are wondering what’s next for Goku and the gang. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Anyone that watched “Dragon Ball Z” during the late 1990s and early 2000s likely remembers everything that transpired. Heck, minus a detail or two, they could probably tell you exactly what will happen in the new Dragon Ball TV series. That doesn’t mean it can’t be good.

Although we previously explained five reasons that the new series shouldn’t have been created, there are still plenty of things that could make it work. These adjustments range anywhere from character changes to the introduction of less simplistic villains.

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Here are ten things we need to see in “Dragon Ball Super”:

10. Uub as an important Z-Fighter: At the end of “Dragon Ball Z,” Uub appeared to be in a perfect position to become planet Earth’s newest savior. Being the reincarnated form of Majin Buu, he possessed the sort of immense strength that enabled Goku to save the universe time and time again. On top of that, he had the same initial timidness that plagued Gohan when he was a child.

Exploring a person who is technically human would be a bit more interesting than Goku discovering five new Super Saiyan transformations.

9. Creative fight scenes: By the end of “Dragon Ball Z,” the fights were all about huge explosions and who could reach a new transformation. “Dragon Ball Super” should try to incorporate more strategy into its story, because it would make the fights less formulaic and make supporting characters more relevant.

8. Gohan needs to be cool again: Gohan had two peaks of coolness. The first one was when he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 and defeated Cell. The second was when he reached his “Mystic” form with the help of elder Kai. Unfortunately, by the very end of “Dragon Ball Z,” he was pretty much as uncool as they came. That needs to change.

7. More Piccolo: Piccolo may not have been the most powerful warrior, but his knack for strategy made him an important character. In a show that’s all about who can make the biggest explosions, it would be cool to see the Namekian warrior make more of an impact with his mind. This could work into Toriyama concocting more creative fight scenes.

6. Goten needs to reach his potential: Goten might just be the most talented little kid ever, transforming into a Super Saiyan at the tender age of seven. We should see more from this talented young warrior in “Dragon Ball Super.”

5. A villain with a motive: “Dragon Ball Super” needs a genuinely terrifying villain to bring drama to the series. We need someone to create the sort of despair that Frieza caused through his villainy. The terror of his existence stemmed from his motivation. Unlike Goku, Vegeta or even Cell, Frieza didn’t fight to see how strong he could become. No, Frieza was fueled by his narcissistic ambition to rule the universe. He was an intergalactic dictator that hung over the Z-fighters for over fifty episodes; the screams of his victims echoed through every corner of the universe for decades.

4. Better supporting characters: Krillin, Tien and Yamcha were pretty much useless after the first part of DBZ. Its a shame, because they had been interesting characters beforehand. Krillin was the classic underdog, overcoming his short stature and his status as a human being to go head to head with demi-gods like Frieza. Tien was the anti-hero who disowned his evil Master Crane to become a key member of the Z-fighters. Yamcha, well, he was always a coward, but it was understandable and funny.

3. Pan needs to have an important role: Pan was one of the only things Toei Animation got right when they released “Dragon Ball GT.” She was fierce, caring and powerful. Not to mention, it was really cool to see a female character help drive the series.

2. Present Trunks use his sword: “Wrath of the Dragon” provided an interesting take on how Trunks got the sword that his future counterpart famously used to defeat Frieza. We should get to see him use it in “Dragon Ball Super.

1.Vegeta save the day: There was perhaps no greater pain than seeing Vegeta come up short time and time again. It seemed like no matter what new power Vegeta attained, he was always getting outshined by Goku and the others. Toriyama came painfully close to giving Vegeta a victory toward the end of DBZ. In a scene that was the closest thing DBZ ever got to poignancy, Vegeta sacrificed himself to detroy Majin Buu. Unfortunately, his sacrifice did nothing but slow the monster down.

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