15 Life Lessons You Could Learn While Watching Dragon Ball

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One of reasons we love Dragon Ball anime so much is that not only it is entertaining, but it can also impart some valuable wisdom. 

Many will just see it as a ‘fighting show’ and therefore categorise it simply as a ‘boys TV show.’ But every dedicated fan of the series knows that the Dragon Ball Z teaches many important life lessons as well.

Yes we want to see Goku power up and kick ass over and over. But what really made the show groundbreaking, might be these great life lessons Dragon Ball has taught us.

1. Too Much of a Good Thing Is Bad


When a good thing is over, don’t try to recreate it.

We looking at you, Dragon Ball GT.

It’ll never be as good as it once was. Yes, Dragon Ball GT is like an ex.

2. Work Hard to Meet Your Goals


Training is a major motif of the series. We see Goku grow exponentially in strength through sheer hard work.

Unlike heroes like Superman or Thor who are born with their powers or Spider-Man or Green Lantern who have their powers thrust upon them Goku’s strength comes from continually pushing himself and never giving up.

Sure, he has an advantage being a Saiyan, but as a mere human watching, it’s hard not to be inspired to get off your butt and work hard to face your own challenges.

3. Train to Be Your Best, Not THE Best


Let’s talk about Tien, one of the most inspirational character in the Dragon Ball.

Despite his weird third eye, he’s a human. He’s not the strongest character, but to be fair, how could he be?

He’s not some genetically superior alien that gets multiple forms that boost his power. Yet he never lets that deter him from training.

4. Teamwork


Ever since the original series, Dragon Ball has always been an ensemble show.

As strong as Goku is, he always needed help in his adventures.

Whether it was Bulma’s ingenuity or guidance from Master Roshi and King Kai, we are shown that you should never be too proud or cocky to ask for help, and when you work together, you can accomplish much more.

5. Stay Humble


Ahhh, Vegeta: Prince of all Saiyans. The living embodiment of the expression “Pride goes before the fall.”

Vegeta’s cockiness always got him into trouble. He had his arm broken by Android 18, and was crushed and humiliated by Cell in his final form.

Remember, kids, don’t drink your own hype juice, and especially don’t underestimate those around you.

6. You Fight Harder When Fighting for Others


A main difference between Goku and Vegeta is that Goku fought to protect his loved ones, while Vegeta fought to protect his pride.

When you work to help others, you are motivated by more than just yourself.

It’s much easier to give up and forgive yourself for it, but much harder when you know others are counting on you.

7. Don’t Push Your Dreams on Your Children


Chi-Chi wanted Gohan to be a world famous scholar/ mathematician/ scientist. Gohan was a prodigy at fighting, and wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Parents want what’s best for their kids, but pushing them to do something they don’t have a passion for is a surefire way to foster resentment growing up.

You must pick your battles, let them be themselves and try to coach them, not force them.

8. Know Your Limits


To exceed your limits, you must understand them. No one is perfect. By finding your limits you can gradually surpass them.

Goku always trained to be better than he was the day before. When you begin a workout regime, start at a level you’re comfortable with.

Don’t just immediately try to throw up more weight to impress those around you.

Poor Yamcha once tried matching Vegeta in a gravity chamber, and nearly died as a result. Never be Yamcha.

9. Violence Should Be a Last Resort


Goku enjoyed fighting for the sport of it. He never took pleasure in hurting others.

He always gave them a chance to apologize and walk away, before and after fights.

It’d be great if the leaders of the world could be pure-hearted enough to ride the Nimbus cloud.

10. Forgiveness


Goku always looked for the best in his adversaries. In fact, almost all of his friends started out as  enemies.

Yamcha was a devious desert bandit, Krillin was his cocky training rival, Tien was a warrior from a rival school, Piccolo tried to kill Goku and all of his friends, and Vegeta was present while his partner, Nappa, killed half of the gang.

Despite all this, Goku forgave them, and they all proved invaluable in fighting off future enemies.

11. It’s Never Too Late to Do the Right Thin


It’s one thing to forgive others, but it’s another to forgive yourself. It’s hard to see yourself as anything other than a monster when you’ve done so much wrong in your life.

But you aren’t defined exclusively by your past.

Vegeta had a hard time letting go of all the death and destruction he was responsible for, and was manipulated by the magician Babidi into turning evil.

If there’s one thing this episode taught us, it’s that there’s no such thing as good or bad people: there’s just people who make good or bad choices.

12. Take a Break Every So Often


During the Cell Saga, Goku and Gohan emerged from a year’s worth of intensive training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Instead of training any further, Goku chose to enjoy the ten days leading up to the Cell Games Tournament.

He explained that any additional training would just wear down the body, and do more harm than good. This is easily applied to real life situations.

13. It’s Okay to Be Different


Everybody has their flaws, quirks and demons (literally with King Piccolo until we found out he was actually a Namekian).

Our differences are what make us special. Dragon Ball Z had a diverse cast of weird and wonderful characters.

Flying cats and pigs that could talk and shapeshift and a little monkey boy who transformed into a giant, rampaging ape during the full moon, all ran in the same circles.

In high school, uniform cliques of jocks, geeks, cheerleaders, etc. run rampant. It’s okay not fitting into a mold. Being a bit strange is okay and having a lot of strange friends is also okay.

It gives you a wider perspective on the world around you.


14. Acts of Heroism Come in All Sizes


Saving the world from an evil space tyrant isn’t the only act of heroism that exists. Mr. Satan is the most cowardly character in the series.

Yet, he’s also responsible for saving the Earth on two separate occasions.

He spoke to the Earth as their hero and convinced them to donate energy to the Spirit Bomb that destroyed Majiin Buu.


15. Boobs Cause Nose Bleeds in the Elderly



The body does weird things when you get old.

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