[2016] The Best Selling Manga In Japan

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Manga sales can be a thing of constant change. It kind of reminds of stocks, always going up and down, almost never staying in the same place. Today let’s take a look at the top ten selling manga of the first half of the year. Will there be any shocks or disappointments let’s find out.

10. MY HERO ACADEMIA (Sales: 2,135,591)


We have the rookie coming in our 10th spot. And all the manga fans out there of my hero academia have to give it up to its anime counterpart for doubling its popularity. But thats exactly what the anime is for, to add to the original content not to take away from it. We could see the anime and manga with a nice future if it keeps up its great content.

9.Tokyo Ghoul:RE (Sales: 2,179,345)

Tokyo Ghoul

Where are my Tokyo Ghoul fans at? That’s right everywhere! Because who doesn’t love this manga. Would we have good a better anime? Of course but go read the manga’s and you’ll forget all about it.

8.Erased (Sales: 2,332,110) 


Here’s another one who can thank there anime counterpart for raising its numbers into the top ten. We were all glad that we got the anime this manga deserved. It really was an amazing series even though many people had different opinions on the ending but I’ll let you guys debate about that in the comments.

7. One Punch Man (Sales: 2,553,331) 

One Punch Man

This came as a shocker to me. I excepted One Punch Man to be at least top 5 or even top 3 because of its insane popularity. I saw it selling nearly 5 million copies but I guess its losing some of its steam. But the 7th spot is still great and definitely not far from a disappointment.

6. SEVEN DEADLY SINS (Sales: 2,712,499)


Can we please get a season two for this manga! Thanks to the good ol Netflix I got to watch this awesome anime. And the manga has so much to offer that would translate great into the anime platform. So if you enjoyed the anime no doubt you’ll love the manga.

5. Kingdom (Sales: 3,561,489)


A lot of people did not like its anime adaptation. But that doesn’t seem to be taking away from Kingdoms number . It makes me sad to see when the anime doesn’t do the manga justice, but maybe it gets a reboot in the future.

4. Haikyu!! (Sales: 4,016,578) 


If your a fan of sports and anime go ahead and get your hands on a copy of this. Not only is the manga good but you can go watch the anime and have a good time.

3.Attack on Titan (Sales: 4,370,941) 

Attack on Titan

Its kind of a surprise coming in at number 3, but I saw it coming in at number 2 with a little bit more copies sold. But if we had that season 2 of the anime no doubt it could have reached number 1. I’m begging for them to hurry up a put out a season 2. I mean the show was so good it got a crossover with marvel stop and think about that for a second, I mean who does that!

2. Assassination Classroom (Sales: 4,391,966)

Assassination Classroom

The manga has come to a end but that still doesn’t take away from its numbers. I don’t know how much longer it will stay in the Top Ten, but for now everything is looking positive. Also their finishing up the last season so we have that to look forward to.

1.One Piece (Sales: 6,470,105)

One Piece

This really shouldn’t come to you guys as a surprise. One Piece just does wonders over in Japan. I myself am not a fan of One Piece, but the Japanese sure do love it. And I don’t see any other manga that could beat its sells. It almost beat out the number 2 spot by 2 million copies sold!


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