Dragon Ball Fan Art Shows Possible Live-Action Movie Character Designs!

Hey guys! How’s it going on?! I know it’s kinda boring now that we don’t get to watch a new Dragon Ball Super episode every weekend and talk about all the things and stuff. Well, today we have something new for you guys! Dragon Ball fans have still not recovered from one traumatic experience which was one of the biggest mistake of the franchise.

Yes, the experience we are talking about is Dragonball: Evolution, Hollywood’s horrendous 2009 attempt at a live-action Dragon Ball movie. However, with Dragon Ball Super and games like Dragon Ball FighterZ showing that the franchise is more popular than ever, it seems inevitable that we’re going to one day get a new Dragon Ball live-action movie.

If that happens in the same “whitewashed” fashion as the previous film, well I don’t think the franchise will even let it get to that horrendous point. Even then, if a possibility arises, there could be a small silver lining if that Dragon Ball live action at least looked something like this fantastic artwork by Datrinti, which you can check out, below:

This image shows a live-action version of Goku that captures the characters playful brawler spirit – and, most importantly, the spirit of his signature hairstyle. The artist has captured the skin tone and the playful emotions spectacularly. Finding someone like this and then a lot of gel for that hairstyle would be a good addition!

This image captures how an actor could convey the Saiyan Prince’s signature swagger, and the body type and face type look pretty spot-on. That arrogant looking face and that signature hairstyle would be so awesome really. Not sure the actual laws of gravity would allow that hair to work, though unless until we use a lot of wax or maybe a custom made wig.

This image captures the alien nature of Freeza perfectly, and makes him look like a frightening villain. The red eyes are a perfect touch to the purple lips and bulbous head. This one really creeps me out a lot. Frieza truly is the epitome of ‘creepiness’ and ‘evil’. This design is something which will make every fan get chills.

This is more like a huge costume design in my opinion. Hit’s design would be mostly focused on his ‘skin’ and signature clothing. Well, I still doubt that they will introduce other Universe characters so fast in the live action(if it ever gets released). Even then, it is a very well done concept and the artist truly captured the ‘assassin’ spirit.

Cell looks like a sickly awesome combination of bio-organic and mechanical monstrosity. This image really conveys a sort of Frankenstein creation moment – with a Dragon Ball power upgrade. Again, the eyes really bring out the villainy of the character. Truly haunting and would be so amazing if he pairs up with Frieza or something.

Like Freeza, this image of Kid Buu captures alien aesthetic of the character perfectly. The lean muscle/flesh look is perfect, as are the beady little mischievous eyes. The real highlights are the gold accents of the gauntlets and belt. Awesome work on that. The details are amazing and by current technology, this won’t be hard to make.

This one is for the Dragon Ball Super fans who are still riding high of the thrills of those final few episodes – especially the milestone fight between a complete Ultra Instinct Goku, and a fully-powered Jiren. Jiren look every bit like the alien design the anime and manga went with – and even a whitewashed Goku looks pretty great in his frosty Ultra Instinct form.

The visual imagery around this SSJ3 concept is sound, and this would be a stunning moment in the actual movie. However, that hairless and chiseled SSJ3 face still looks weird – especially on a non-Asian actor. This one would be the hardest to realize in the movie I guess. The CGI for the eyebrows, the constant electric sparks and the long hair!


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