A Special DBZ Character Returned In Dragon Ball Super!

While the Tournament Of Power was going to start and while it was running, there were some characters which fans forgot about. The whole Tournament of Power arc lasted nearly a year. In the entirety of this, we didn’t see what actually happened to Trunks and Goten. It was kinda unsettling right? Well, let’s dive into it.

Yes, even after the end of Tournament of Power, we didn’t get to know what actually happened on the island they were temporarily protecting. When this was pointed out, the fans got really eager to know what actually happened to Trunks and Goten on the island. Apparently, a old Dragon Ball Z fighter made it’s way back into Dragon Ball Super and met Trunks & Goten on the island..

Shueisha’s annual Jump Carnival was held recently in Japan which also released some special ‘CANON’ chapters of Dragon Ball Super. The chapter showed what happened to Trunks and Goten while they were keeping guard on the island. @Herms98 on twitter translated the scans and told fans what happened –
Apparently, maybe sometime in the future after the Cell games arc, Android 17 found some Cell Juniors and tamed them. He tamed them such that they won’t attack anyone with the ranger uniform. He forgot to tell Trunks and Goten about it but then he says as they were tamed, they wouldn’t attack them.

In the chapter, it is shown that Cell Juniors attack Trunks and Goten by mistake. They thought that they were poachers of some kind. After noticing the ranger band or badge on their arms, they quickly retreated in terror. Maybe Android 17 was really strict when he tamed the Cell Juniors and gave them a pretty hard regime.

This feels like a huge plot hole but well it was kinda fun to know about it too. Now we know what Goten and Trunks were up to at the island. Also, we got to know a few more things about the Cell Jr’s and Android 17. I think we would be getting some more shorts like these in the official events happening soon.

Android 17 also revealed that even though he was absorbed in Cell’s body, he could feel and see everything. He was actually ‘one’ with him. He also vouched for the fact that the Cell Jr’s were as strong as the ones they fought years back. Now, this was some exciting side story, wasn’t it? I hope we get some more stories like this in the future!

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