Bardock Is Returning In Dragon Ball Super: Broly?!

Hey guys! It’s DB here! Lately, we got a new advertisement which showed a brand new Super Saiyan Broly design and other stuff. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can go see it on our page. It’s really amazing. The amount of detail they are putting in the movie is spectacular. I am sure that it’s gonna break all the records in the history.

Today, we have some new information about the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. As the rumors were that the movie is going to be about Origin of Saiyans, people were thinking it will involve Bardock and Yaamoshi, the Saiyan legend. Fans were a little disappointed but were happy about the whole new Broly concept too.

So, recently thanks to translations, according to certain leaks as sourced by ‘Kam Sama Explorer’ and other users on twitter, it indirectly confirms that Bardock would be making a appearance in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. It was kinda obvious when we saw that flashback but now, we have certain verification that Bardock will return and we are gonna love it.

To add further, there’s another thing which is in talks that the events of Dragon Ball Minus would be incorporated in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. What is Dragon Ball Minus? It is a special manga featured in 2014 and is written entirely by Akira Toriyama himself and IS CANON. Yes, it’s 100% canon and verified before someone argues over it.

All the events happened in Dragon Ball Minus are canon. In the story, we can see the scenario of the Saiyans at the planet Vegeta just before their destruction. Supposedly, Frieza called all the saiyans back to the planet for their annihilation but no one from the Saiyans was actually aware of the whole sinister Saiyan killing plot.

In the story, Goku’s mom is also revealed and her name is ‘Gine’. We already know Bardock and we also see him. We also see a small Goku wearing his Saiyan armor and ready to be sent to Earth. This manga actually reveals a lot about Bardock and Saiyans in general. They were not so brutal and savage like mostly considered them as.

I don’t want to spoil the whole thing, I will make a different post about Dragon Ball Minus later. In the given screenshot, we can see ‘Kikono’, a character which was the first person revealed and confirmed from the Frieza Army for the Dragon Ball Super movie. The same Kikono was also in the Dragon Ball Minus manga that we are currently talking about.

This was a huge reveal. It is confirmed that Kikono was one of the higher officials of Frieza’s army and he was a lot younger in the Dragon Ball Minus manga. He has considerably grown old and has regathered the Frieza army which was scattered all over the universe. Some really strong fighters are going to come and I think Broly is still in the Frieza army.

After this, it is confirmed that the film will be based on the events of the “Dragon Ball Minus” manga. Therefore, the appearance of Bardock and Gine is already a fact. Everything indicates that the appearance will be a flashback for sure as we saw in the trailer. What do you think about this development? Let me know in the comments!

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