Dragon Ball Super Is Bringing Back Nappa In A Whole New Way!

How’s it going on my fellow Dragon Ball fans!? I just recently showed you guys that Raditz would be making a return in Dragon Ball Super: Broly and it has been officially confirmed too by the team behind Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Raditz would maybe there in the start of the film as a young child in the same team as Prince Vegeta. We are going to see a lot of Saiyan history in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie!

Well, as the news about Raditz getting a confirmation went viral, fans started asking if the other peculiar saiyan that we saw in Dragon Ball Z will make a return or not. Well, I just checked it out and it seems that even Nappa is confirmed for the upcoming movie and he’s going to come in a brand new design. No, they are not changing him but as they are showing the past, there is something very different about him.

I am pretty sure if they didn’t reveal the character design of Nappa right now, most of you in a couple months, would be so surprised to see him when he appears in his new style in the movie. They really shared a very big surprise with us which I think they should have saved for the movie. Well, Nappa is here and is all excited to meet up with the fans in a whole new way. You’re still wondering, what is it? Let’s get into it!

Recently, fans were told the big news when Super Dragon Ball Heroes held its latest anniversary stream. The event was held in Japan not long ago and featured franchise icons like Masako Nozawa, the voice behind Goku. It was there fans heard from director Tatsuya Nagamine, and he let audiences know Nappa will star in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. It seems that Nappa would be in his 20’s or 30’s in the upcoming movie.

The most surprising thing we saw was that the young Nappa has HAIR on his head. Can you believe that our bald Nappa who Vegeta blasted away into smithereens actually had hair? I mean, all this time we thought that Nappa was actually born with no hair as the hairdo of a pure blooded Saiyan doesn’t really change and they don’t really need haircuts or stuff like that. Their hair remains the same all the way throughout.

As you can see in the designs shown above, we have some brand new designs of Nappa with hair. Nappa is looking like a real villain while rocking his signature mustache and the Saiyan armor brings back a lot of memories too. Well, I still can’t understand what caused Nappa to go bald? I mean, did he just naturally go bald or did he purposefully cut his hair over something? Did Vegeta order Nappa to cut his hair? I really don’t know.

Well, Nappa is also going to bring back a lot of nostalgia too. We last saw Nappa when he and Vegeta invaded Earth and terrorized the Z warriors. He died by the hands of Vegeta but if you are familiar with Team Four Star, you all would also know about Ghost Nappa and how he terrorized and irritated Vegeta even while he was dead. Well, if we are lucky, we might just see how Nappa survived the Saiyan destruction by Frieza!

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