A Leaked Footage of Dragon Ball Super: Broly x Tokyo SkyTree Has Been Revealed!

Hey guys! How’s it going on? We are getting real close to the world premiere of Dragon Ball Super in Tokyo as November 14, 2018, is just around the corner. I am pretty sure that we are going to get a lot of spoilers once the movie is actually out so again I am warning you guys to stay alert about it as only a week is left before the movie actually comes out. Also, previously I updated you guys on the manga’s status about the series.

The manga is supposedly starting a new arc right after Tournament of Power and many are speculating that Toyotaro is going to adapt the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie arc to the manga. If he does that, it is a very good thing for all the anime fans as it increases the probability of the anime returning in 2019 exponentially. The next chapter is supposedly coming out around November 21 so we will get spoilers from the manga too.

Well, lately we are getting a lot of spoilers and some of the fans are also unhappy about it. I want to tell something to these fans, these ‘spoilers’ are just official announcements and character designs that the company has to reveal for the promotion of the movie. Otherwise, how will you hype up the movie? Also, the movie is supposed to be 90 minutes long and they haven’t even revealed 5-7 minutes of stuff, so we all are pretty safe I guess.

Anyway, today we need to focus on something entirely different. If you guys don’t know, Tokyo SkyTree recently had a Dragon Ball Super: Broly promotional event and it was really a huge blast where they showcased a lot of things from the movie, like houses, character designs of Frieza, Broly, Goku, etc. I think there some games too and other exhibition stuff, overall it was a very enjoyable event for all the Dragon Ball fans.

Things took a fast turn when a special clip started playing which featured Goku, Frieza, King Kai, and Shenron. Many people are saying that this is a clip from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly and it was especially shown for the event BUT there is no official confirmation on this. So don’t believe people saying that this is a leaked movie footage because it is NOT! It just seems like a promotional footage but it relates a lot to the upcoming movie!
As you can see in the video shown above, it features Goku collecting all 7 Dragon Balls and summoning Shenron so it can fulfill Goku’s wish. Goku wants to wish for a warrior / fighter who is unbelievably strong. Typical Goku who just wants to fight strong opponents no matter the case. Well, as he is going to say his wish, he is interrupted by King Kai. King Kai says that he wants Goku to come to see him immediately, it’s important.

King Kai in a worried tone says, “Someone with tremendous power has suddenly appeared in the distant universe. I have a bad feeling. Hurry and come to me!” Well, seems like his wish got fulfilled anyway and Goku leaves. As soon as Goku leaves, Frieza enters the scene and starts talking about immortality and his thirst to defeat Goku for once and all without any hiccups but realizes immortality is not the way to go about this.

He asks Shenron to reveal the secret to a Saiyan’s strength which Shenron does so but is not revealed here. Then Goku suddenly comes back and sees Frieza hogging over his wish. Then suddenly Frieza turns into Golden Frieza and challenges Goku. Goku turns into Super Saiyan Blue and they start with their attacks. Frieza starts with something like a Hakai blast while Goku replies with his signature Kamehameha and the clip ends.

Well, nothing about Broly was revealed and it is just maybe a promotional thing to hype up the fans. I am pretty sure they wanted to refer ‘Broly’ as the fighter with ‘tremendous power’ or someone with the ultimate power. Then, Frieza asking about the secret to Saiyan’s strength also relate to the Origin of Saiyans theme of the upcoming movie. Also, below you can see all the other stuff that was revealed in the Tokyo SkyTree event! Enjoy!

Bardock & Gine’s House

Bardock’s Village

King Vegeta’s Castle (Exterior & Interior)

Planet Vegeta from outer space

Badlands of Planet Vegeta

Launch Ports of the planet

Cargo Truck

Space Pod

Bardock’s spaceship

Transport Ship

Pod Cart Train

Frieza’s Spaceship

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