Dragon Ball Super: Broly Just Released A Brand New Trailer! Watch It Here Right Now!

Toei Animation is on a streak today. First, we had the brand new images leaks from the movie which focused on the fighting  scenes of the movie. 3 of the shots are supposedly from the ending of the movie where the final clash with Broly occurs. If you still haven’t seen those images, you can go to our page or website to check them out, it’s been recently posted only. I am pretty sure that you are going to like those new images very much.

The next thing we have today is a brand new trailer for the upcoming movie – Dragon Ball Super: Broly. There were rumors going around that the trailer would be released at the end of November but they were squashed when the franchise announced that there is going to be a world premiere on November 14, 2018. Afterwards, it was stated that the trailer might drop before the world premiere, that is before November 14, 2018. I hope that’s the case.

Well, whoever is awake right now is pretty lucky as today is the day we get another trailer which is packed up with a lot of action and drama. I hope you like this trailer as the other people in community did. The people on reddit and twitter are going crazy over this trailer. Even I am so excited for the movie now, they are really hyping us up over this movie. I think the last time we were this excited was when Ultra Instinct was first debuted in the anime.

Okay, guys you can watch the official HD trailer #3 of Dragon Ball Super: Broly right above. We all thought that the trailer would be released around next week but we got it today so I guess we are pretty lucky? Even I was pretty much blown away after seeing the trailer. Well, enough talk about the craziness and awesomeness about this new trailer and let’s finally watch the official trailer now! I am really excited for this seriously. I am getting chills!

I am pretty sure that all of you must have so many questions regarding the events shown in trailer. The details, the animation, the music, nearly everything was perfect in this.  Also, I am happy that we are going to see some serious battles and Vegeta is going to lose his armor. He is going to look just like how he was in the Buu arc with all those Majin Vegeta vibes. I am really looking forward to the Broly movie now! I am super happy about this.

How did you guys like the trailer!? Wasn’t it really awesome? I think the way they are pulling it off is pretty good. The direction they showed was also remarkable. Broly is going to be one tough guy to beat for sure. They are going to keep some good moments for our Prince Vegeta too there. There’s going to be Gogeta too in the movie but I don’t think he’s the one who is going to defeat Broly. It might be both Goku and Vegeta together instead.

It also seems that Goku won’t be going Ultra Instinct in the movie. There were a lot of rumors saying that Ultra Instinct Goku will defeat Broly but I don’t think that will happen. It really won’t be a good fight if they just bring in Ultra Instinct. This movie is all about a Saiyan’s limit and their infinite strength. It’s about how they keep getting stronger, etc. Well are you guys happy seeing this trailer? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments down below!

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