Some Things That You Missed Out In The Last Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer!

Hey guys! How’s it going on tonight!? Today is a very special day for all the Dragon Ball Super fans as we finally got the third and final trailer for the upcoming movie – Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The movie is set to release on December 14, 2018 in Japan but would also be having a world premiere for 1000 lucky people on November 14, 2018 in Tokyo. So only 5 days are left for the screening and all the spoilers to get out on the internet.

I am warning you guys again that the spoilers will come out and spread like wildfire on the internet. The only way to avoid them is to completely delete all your social media apps and not using any kind of community for the next two and a half months until it gets released in Dub officially. Well, I know it’s practically impossible to do the above so I think you all should just prepare yourself for the spoilers instead of avoiding them.

Well, leaving that, let’s talk about the amazing trailer that we got to see today. Toei animation and the franchise was really teasing us a lot on twitter about the trailer and I think the trailer was worth the wait. The first trailer revealed that we would be seeing Broly in the movie. The second trailer showed about the history of Saiyans and this last trailer was just filled with all the action and mystery from the Broly movie!

Also, some fans have been asking about how the whole Frieza force is on Earth with Broly, let me explain that. The Frieza force is on the Earth to get the Dragon Balls and they even stole 6 Dragon Balls from Bulma’s lab. They arrive at the Arctic region to find the seventh and the last Dragon Ball. Broly is already a part of the Frieza Force and is working under a platoon with his father. Goku and Vegeta are alerted when they arrive on Earth.

Goku and Vegeta sense the massive aura of Broly and intercept him in the Arctic region, which is where this whole space opera is going to start. All the battles from the first half of the recent trailer takes place in the arctic region only. That is where Broly meets the boys and starts fighting literally everybody for a reason we don’t know yet. People suspect that it is because of a certain someone’s death but I won’t spoil it for now.

The first thing I want you to make note of is that Goku is presumably using a brand new attack move in the movie. I am sure most of you may have missed the frame where Goku shows this and some of you may have seen it and are getting all excited. You can see in the pictures above and below where Goku while in his Super Saiyan God form is doing something really unusual with his arms and his Godly ki. See it properly.

His hands are completely covered in immense Super Saiyan God ki, more like the ki is really overflowing. Then Goku goes and starts making a ring or something out of the ki. Doesn’t this remind you of Vegeta? Vegeta also made some ki rings before and tried to capture Goku during their major fight in the Buu saga. Could Goku also be using the ki rings to capture Broly as he wants to have a good talk with him as he doesn’t seem like a bad guy!?

Following what I said in the starting, don’t you find something odd in the trailer? “Don’t you think it’s odd that the whole background changed in the second half of the trailer?” Goku and Vegeta were fighting really carefully while it was still the Tundra region but as soon as the background changed, everyone started getting crazy and were just using everything in their power to defeat Broly. It seems that someone proposed to change the venue.

The production crew of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie hinted that the fights in the movie will take place in an entirely different reality or dimension. Just because Broly powered up, doesn’t mean he can change all the ice to hot piping lava rock or something. I think it’s Whis who found a place where Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and Broly can fight without worrying about blowing up the whole Earth as the ki blasts were really destructive!

The next thing I want to talk about is Broly’s different transformations in the movie. It is known to all that Broly is going to overcome his limits and grow as a fighter during his fights against Goku, Vegeta and Frieza but to what extent? In the first half of the trailer where Base Broly was smashing everyone in the Arctic region, he was still growing his strength. Now, keep note of his battle armor. That’s the key figure here.

When the background suddenly changed, we saw that Broly is still in his base form. Later, we got another look at Broly in a new form and most of the fans are thinking that it’s his Ultimate Super Saiyan form but it’s NOT. It is just his basic Super Saiyan form he achieved during the battle. The shot of Broly in the end where he is shirtless is his real Ultimate Super Saiyan form. This means, we actually haven’t even seen the glimpse of the real fight!

Also, how can we forget about Whis? His appearance is another thing that got all the fans excited. “Is Broly gonna fight Whis in the movie!?” Literally everyone is asking this. There is a small scene where the background changes from Arctic region to the red hot lava background. We see Broly chasing Whis but Whis is just smiling and hopping around. It seems like he is teasing Broly and showing the difference in power.

According to me, no, they are not gonna fight. You don’t want the movie to end in just 5 minutes, do you? I think Broly is just trying to fight literally everyone? He obviously doesn’t know about Whis and just thinks of him as another guy to punch like he punched Vegeta. It could also be because of something else but let’s leave the theories for later. What do you think about the trailer? Did you find something odd? Let us know in the comments!

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