Oda has planned Kaido and Big Mom to come crashing down on the Straw Hats at the same time

I’ve been re-reading One Piece and I can’t help but notice that perhaps Oda has always planned Kaido and Big Mom to be intertwined.

1.The first we hear of Kaido is when Moriah & zombie crew mention him as a past rival. The first inkling of any relations to Big Mom also happen to be Lola handing Nami her Vivre Card in the same arc.

2.After the time skip, Luffy challenges Big Mom in Fishman Island. The Straw Hats depart Fishman Island, only to arrive at Punk Hazard the same day. There, Luffy forms an alliance with Law to take down Kaido and they subsequently defeat Caesar and destroy the Sad, which put them on a direct escalator/railroad towards Kaido.

3.Straw Hat Alliance go to Dressrosa and as they plan to take down Doflamingo & the smile factory -important pieces/pawns to Kaido- the Big Mom Pirates show up to also attack them.

4.Straw Hats arrive at Zou, whom Kaido’s man, Jack, just ravaged. Capone, having followed them on Big Mom’s behalf takes Sanji back to Whole Cake Island.

And now, with Big Mom stating that she wants to chase the Straw Hats to Wano and Blackbeard confirming that she’s in pursuit of them, I think it’s almost, if not already confirmed that both Yonkou are gonna be at Wano by its climax.

It just seems like, at least since the time skip, Oda has planned for these two titans to come crashing down on the Straw Hats at the same time. What do you guys think?

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