Dragon Ball Super New Arc Will Be Supervised By Akira Toriyama!

Hey guys! How’s it going on? Today is a pretty good day as we nearly, yes nearly didn’t get much spoilers for the upcoming movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. We got a TV spot / commercial yesterday and I told you guys that there is going to be another TV commercial showcasing the final form of Broly too. Well, we finally got the TV commercial but I didn’t post it as most of you are pretty disappointed by these reveals and it really wasn’t much anyway.

The commercial was just 16 seconds long like the last one and had the same scenes from the trailer in the first 8 seconds with just some brand new content in the remaining few seconds. We really just got to see Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta and the final full powered Super Saiyan Broly with his armor stripped off. It looks like Broly is pretty mad and Gogeta is just having fun fighting him. Well, that’s it, I won’t spoil anymore. Let’s focus on this right now.

As you guys already know that the Tournament of Power arc ended in the Dragon Ball Super manga on November 21 in it’s latest chapter. Right after the Tournament of Power, we got to see some information about the Broly arc which is supposed to be shown sometime in the future and not now. So we have a brand new arc titled ‘Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc’ which is going to feature some brand new characters and villains. It’s really exciting.

The manga has begun the new arc already which occurs after the events of the anime series and Dragon Ball Super: Broly the movie. Also, the fans have been excited to see the truth behind this Galactic Patrol Prisoner. Well, you guys already know that the Dragon Ball Super manga is canon in it’s own way and this new arc is also pretty much canon. All the stories and illustrations is done by Toyotaro and some people are displeased by that.

Well, we have some happy news for you guys. It seems that while Toyotaro will be handling the majority of the new arc much like he’s done for the rest of the manga, the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc will be overseen by original series creator Akira Toriyama as well. Yes, you read it correctly. Toriyama would be returning to supervise the manga Isn’t that amazing! Herms98 on Twitter translated Toyotaro’s message on the new Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc –

“We’ve finally entered a new chapter! It’s a completely new work that’s not in the anime or anywhere else. Unlike Jaco, this Merus guy in the first chapter is a genuine elite member of the Galactic Patrol! Just how strong is he really?! Why has he come to Earth?! And who’s this criminal that he says has escaped?! With the ‘Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc,’ I’m teaming up with Toriyama sensei and getting a lot of praise as I make it! I’m hoping to make it an enjoyable story that will thrill you all, so please look forward to it!”

Seriously, I don’t know about Merus’ power level or strength but the guy is extremely fast. I mean, I don’t know if he used some ‘galactic’ item to sneak behind Goku and Vegeta or it’s just that he’s originally that fast. I mean, you have to be EXTREMELY fast if you want to sneak up on the strongest mortals of Universe 7 and knocking them out with a anesthesia gun. I mean, they didn’t even realize it till they got shot. He’s got some superior genes, alright.

Well, at least for now, we will have Toriyama on board with the manga just like how he supervised the anime and stuff. While there’s no clear indication how much Toriyama is involved with the new arc, we can at least relax that it’s going to be a good arc anyway. Well, whatever it is, I am ready for anything. The manga and anime is so different that it makes me wonder what this arc will bring to the table. We might get to see some extraordinary things.

Well, I think Toriyama coming on board with the manga could be an indication to the anime series too. I think for now they want the manga to be ahead of the anime and they want the content to be the SAME. I mean, it’s really kinda weird how they both have the same story but with extremely different plot twists and changes. Well, what do you guys think about this? Are you happy with Toriyama returning? Let me know in the comments down below!

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