Reveal Goku’s Raunchiest Encounter in ‘Dragon Ball Super’

The new arc of the story of Dragon Ball Super is called “Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc”, and it sees Goku, Vegeta and The Galactic Patrol space police force hunting down a new villain with ties to the Saiyans’ Dragon Ball Z past.
Due to the enormous nature of the threat from Planet-Eater Moro villain, the Galactic Patrol makes sure to get Goku and Vegeta drafted into their ranks as official Galactic Patrol officers – which invariably leads to this very awkward encounter between Goku and the Galactic King:

All we do know for sure is that Goku reached in to shake the Galactic King’s hand, but grabbed an inappropriate piece of the octopus-like alien – which piece is something that Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro leave up to your imagination – which is almost worse than getting the actual answer.

Thematically, this scene carries on the Dragon Ball Super motif of how hilariously bad Goku is cosmic cultural awareness: throughout the series, Goku’s has consistently been chastised for his carefree attitude towards conversing with, or showing respect to, figures of important universal stature. Whether it is gods like Beerus or The Grand Priest, rulers like The Galactic King or the Kais, or even Grand Zeno himself, Goku doesn’t seem to be beholden to the same social rules as everyone else in the universal hierarchy. And somehow, he not only gets away with it, but seems to impress most of the powerful figures he meets. Go figure.

Now that Goku and Vegeta are officially part of the Galactic Patrol, the mission to hunt down Moro is underway. But taking down the villain may exact a high cost – like Goku and Vegeta losing their Super Saiyan God powers.

Dragon Ball is no stranger to making bawdy jokes – after all, the series foundation largely rests on the bedrock of old Master Roshi’s pervert obsessions with girls! However, the series typically stops short of using visual humor to make dick jokes (if you can even label this as that).

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