‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ Biggest Anime Film In Brazil

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Is Now Brazil’s Biggest Anime Movie Of All Time!
Dragon Ball Super: Broly is now available in a lot of countries besides Japan. has yet to hit the United States, but the film is set to smash records when it does arrive and I am just so hyped up for it. I really can’t wait anymore. I am sure all of you are feeling the same right now. If you still haven’t booked tickets, I advise you guys to do it as seats are filling very fast. It’s crazy!

After all, the highly anticipated just hit up Brazil for its first non-Japanese screening and to say it has gone over well would be to put it lightly. Fans in Brazil flocked to theaters to see Son Goku, and the country’s box office is honoring the Saiyan with cold hard cash.

I think the last news we got about the movie was about its box office collection which was around 2 Billion Yen or 18 million USD. We have a new update on that and it seems like the movie has crossed the 3 Billion Yen mark! Dragon Ball Super: Broly has successfully earned more than 28 million USD in Japan. That is really amazing and it’s not just going to stop there. We are bound to see bigger things as time progresses.

Shortly after it’s release, Dragon Ball Super: Broly has the highest-grossing opening of any Japanese film in Brazil. According to the site Omelete, the film’s reception has been overwhelming so far as thousands of tickets have been sold already. “Dragon Ball Super: Broly had debuted at the Brazilian box office. In its debut, the movie has sold over 106,000 tickets and grossed $1.6 million,” the outlet confirmed.

According to the site Omelete, the flick has sold over 106,000 tickets and grossed $1.6 million. The anime film is expect to break records in United States when it releases later this month.
With the film having just opened in Brazil, fans are sure its overall gross will topple the country’s top-grossing anime film. This reception bodes well for the impending premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Broly in the west as Funimation preps its release. The film’s dub is slated to hit theaters on January 16, so fans have a little left to go before they can meet the franchise’s new Broly for themselves.

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