Finally, ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ Spoiler Sparks Big Ultra Instinct Explained!

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is getting ready for its release in the United States, but the film has gone live in plenty of markets already. As Japan nears its month-long release, details about the project have continued to spread online as new promos and spoilers go live. Now, a new blip about the movie has piqued the interest of fans, and it seems to have sparked a rather nasty debate online.

So, you’ve been warned! There are spoilers for Dragon Ball Super. Let’s get started. The TV commercial showed us Super Saiyan God Goku transforming into Super Saiyan Blue as he’s getting ready to fight Broly’s Ikari form.

Okay, the thing which is making people go crazy is that in between the transformation, a shot came up where Goku is looking EXACTLY like when he got Mastered Ultra Instinct for the first time. Okay, I can understand that everyone’s first reaction would be like – DAMN! Goku is trying to go Ultra Instinct! It’s amazing! but no, he’s not.

The Ultra Instinct shot everyone is talking about was REVEALED before the official release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly in Japan. Three animation scenes were revealed – Super Saiyan God Goku with Super Saiyan aura, this viral Ultra Instinct shot and Super Saiyan Blue shot that you can see above and down below. Let me make something clear now – HE IS NOT GOING ULTRA INSTINCT NOR IS HE TRYING TO DO SO! Don’t justify anything.

The very first reason why it’s not Ultra Instinct – Neither Dragon Ball Super Broly novel mentions Ultra Instinct, neither does the storyboard where these images were first revealed. Dragon Ball Super Broly novel is literally the movie with a lot of extra details.

Still not convinced? The changes in colors are just an artistic choice by the animators as they are given freedom to do so to make certain scenes more appealing. You saw a green aura as well during the transformation, what was that? A new form? Hell no. These colors have no significance so please stop spreading fake theories and rumors. Some people are complaining that why would they do this as Goku can go Blue instantly.

Are you being serious right now? IT’S A GOD DAMN MOVIE! Do you know what scene is that? Let me tell you! Broly beat Goku so much that Goku couldn’t even get up. Then they made a dramatic scene of Goku standing up slowly and showed it like Goku will never lose hope and keep on fighting. Goku was really tired so it took him some effort to go Blue so the animators took this chance to make the transformation even more dramatic.

You are saying, Goku can easily go Blue so Super Saiyan right in the starting would be even more easy, right? So why did Vegeta take a good 10 seconds to go Super Saiyan and had green hair in between his transformation? Please tell me! You can clearly see Vegeta getting green eyebrows, green eyes, green hair and green aura in the pictures.

If you’re still arguing… Let me ask you if you believe that was Ultra Instinct and Goku was actually trying to go Ultra Instinct – did Vegeta get a brand new from behind our back? I mean you HAVE to agree that Vegeta has a legendary green hair form if you are saying Goku tried to go Ultra Instinct as Vegeta CLEARLY had green hair in between his transformation from base Saiyan to Super Saiyan. They made every transformation dramatic, that’s it!

Also, one more thing to stop this – Goku himself at the end of Dragon Ball Super said – he cannot go Ultra Instinct anymore nor is he trying to do it. He will get stronger in his own way. Also, in the Dragon Ball Super manga which has already started the NEW CANON ARC revealed Goku himself saying that he CANNOT go Ultra Instinct. It’s not some normal transformation that you can practice. It was a miracle that Goku could attain it.

As you can see, the debate over this promo is raging as fans provide their thoughts on Goku and his Ultra Instinct status. For now, there is no telling if the cameo will ever be explained by the animation powers at be, but netizens are sure excited by the prospect of Goku finally mastering Ultra Instinct down the line.

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