Wow, ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Gets Comic Book Makeover from Marvel And DC Artist

Dragon Ball is more famous than ever – but fans seem to love just as much when Goku and Co. get mashed up with other popular categories and brands in the entertainment industry.
We recently received some amazing Dragon Ball artwork from Marvel Comics artist Gerald Parel, and now we continue that theme with this Dragon Ball Z piece by DC / Marvel Comics artist Rubens Bernardino da Silva (aka R.B. Silva) – as a sequel to his recent Dragon Ball original series artwork piece that went viral:

If you’ve ever encountered Silva’s comic book art then you know just how spot-on this rendering of Dragon Ball Z’s iconic characters and moments really is. All main players from the first arc of the series are there (from left to right, clockwise):
Super Saiyan Goku
Ginyu Force’s Guldo
Ginyu Force’s Burter, Recoome, and Jeice
Young Gohan

Unfortunately, this version of the piece seen above is still incomplete, because Silva’s original sketch for the piece included other figures like Krillin and the sliced-up version of Freeza from the end of the “Freeza Arc”. As you can see in this semi-completed version, the outlines for Freeza, Krillin and a few others have yet to be filled in:

The new Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie being and international hit. Broly isn’t just a milestone because of the way it is re-introducing Broly into formal canon, or streaming the franchise mythos’ various fragments into a new official backstory. Intuitively, Broly is an important milestone of Dragon Ball for the way it is re-defining the series’ character designs and visual aesthetics, with director Tatsuya Nagamine and animation director Naohiro Shintani creating a visual style never-before-seen in the series.

Fans of the franchise have been wondering if the next phase of the anime series will similarly be done with a brand new visual design approach. Seeing these kind of art pieces from some big talents in the comics book industry will definitely get fans’ imaginations working on possibility of what could be – though what’s seen above may not be the best stylistic fit. Silva’s visual signature is unique, and has breathed new life into some DC and Marvel books, for sure; but as some fans note, his style is too far of a departure from traditional Dragon Ball lore – starting with Goku’s high-water pants!
Do you like this version of Dragon Ball Z you see above? Let us know in the comments!

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