26 Dragon Ball Pics Showing How Someone Betrayed You

26 Dragon Ball Pics Showing How Someone Betrayed You

For those who have had a close friend betrayed him/her,  that is really one of the worst things can happen. But how did that happen without your awareness? Let characters from Dragon Ball show you.

1. First act as friends

2. They earn your trust gradually.

3. And they get so in tune with that feel as if they were the same person.

4. And even pretend to hate those who hate you.

5. All goes well for a while …

6. To this day they do something bad first.

7. And you start to suspect them.

8. And there you betray again and you realize they really were not your friends. 

9. And you find out that all this time they wanted nothing more to hurt you. 

10. And you wonder how you had not realized what was happening.

11. You get angry with yourself for being so clueless.

12. want to shout from the rooftops.

13. And makes you want to hurt them.

14. But you know that revenge is never good, kills the soul and poisons.

15. In your head still giving playback to what happened. 

16. And you can not stop getting angry every time you think about it.

17. You put paranoid about everyone around you that do not know who is really a genuine friend.

18. And you think that any joke, it’s a personal attack. 

19. You start to get angry often and everything puts you in a bad mood.

20. And your other friends care about your behavior. 

21. So do you see that not all people are going to betray.

22. And there are friends who actually will be there no matter what.

23. And you learn that the person who betrayed you you will only be hurting you leave.

24. And you have the power to defend against their attacks.

25. So you put your shield …

26. And you go through life knowing that you learned a good lesson from what happened.

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