30 Moments From “Dragon Ball Z” That Were Way, Way Too Intense

30 Moments From “Dragon Ball Z” That Were Way, Way Too Intense

1. That time Cell stomped Android 16’s head into blood and wire:

2. And then Gohan flipped the f*ck out:

3. That time Trunks sliced through Freiza like he was a piece of toast…. and then spread some of that sweet, sweet butter:

4. That time father and son united to melt Cell with a Kamehameha and save Earth

5. That time Goku put Raditz in a half-nelson and got skewered by Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon, leaving his wife and kid behind:

6. That other time Goku left his wife and kids behind:

7. That other, other time Goku left his wife and kids behind

8. When Goku was a little too excited to see Chi-Chi again

9. When Freiza made Krillin his little space rag-doll and blew him right the hell up

10. And Goku flipped the f*ck out

11. When Piccolo started training Gohan after Goku died and was a total hardass:

12. When Piccolo found true friendship with Gohan and sacrificed himself for the kid

13. That time when a Saibamen blew himself up and left behind only a hand and Yamcha’s corpse:

14. When Chiaotzu tried to do the same exact thing, but only ended up killing himself

15. That time when Goku arrived to fight Vegeta after everyone was pretty much dead:

16. And his power level was over 9000

17. When Android 16 was a big softy who just loved birds

18. That moment when a villain transforms and the Z fighters can’t land a single punch

19. That time Android 19 drove his arm right through Yamcha’s chest:

20. That time Vegeta sacrificed himself in order to defeat Buu:

21. When Freiza made a giant ball of death to kill Bardock and all the Saiyans, but not before Bardock had a vision of Goku growing up to defeat Freiza:

22. When Vegeta tried to get revenge for the destruction of Planet Vegeta, but Freiza tortured him and shot him through the heart with an energy beam:


23. Any of the times the Dragonballs were used to revive the dead and Shenron made it seem like sh*t was going to go DOWN:

24. When Tien nearly killed himself by using his life-force to pummel Cell into the ground:

25. That time Buu turned Chi-Chi into an egg…. and stomped her out:

26. When Future Trunks flipped the f*ck out after the Androids killed Gohan:

27. But literally couldn’t do anything to avenge his fallen mentor

28. When a revived Piccolo visited Namek for the first time, fused with Nail, and had this insane pep talk with himself:

29. When Vegeta finally was able to go Super Saiyan, but Android 18 still snapped his arm in half with one kick

30. That moment when Gohan’s monkey form was pissing off Piccolo and he was like F*CK YOU MOON:


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