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One Piece is pretty much the successor to Dragon Ball aka the number one manga in recent years.

5 Reasons Why One Piece is Considered the Best Long-Running Anime-TC anime blog
5 Reasons Why One Piece is Considered the Best Long-Running Anime

If you’re curious about the reason, first ask yourself; have you watched the anime?

That said, there are so many factors as to why One Piece is considered the best long-running anime.

1. Charismatic Protagonist

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-TC anime blog

Luffy is cheerful, friendly and happy-go-lucky.

He seems simple most of the time, but he’s got incredible luck and intuition.

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-1-TC anime blog

He fights for friends and befriends his enemies. He will never give up even when the odds are completely stacked against him.

You’ll want to be his friend; even better, you want to be him.

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-2-TC anime blog

The list of applications to his pirate crew must be pretty damn long.

2. Charismatic Supporting Characters

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-3-TC anime blog

All the characters in One Piece have their own distinct personalities, traits and quirks.

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-1-TC anime blog

Just in Luffy’s crew alone, you have a badass swordsman, a lustful cook, a cowardly ne’er-do-well, a cuddly deer-monster-man, a money-minded navigator, a cool and mysterious historian, a funky topless cyborg mechanic and a skeleton for a musician.

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-2-TC anime blog

How badass is that? That’s only his crew; they meet tons more wonderful and diverse people who are all interesting and completely funny.

3. Wonderful, Fantastic World

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-4-TC anime blog

The world of One Piece, like its characters, is diverse, unpredictable, and a joy to visit.

It’s like Alice in Wonderland, except that it’s oceans of pirates and marines.

4. They Level Up The Hard Way

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-3-TC anime blog

The Strawhat Pirates didn’t turn into aces overnight.

They have to resolve on determination, hard work, teamwork and ingenuity to overcome otherwise impossible enemies and scenarios.

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-5-TC anime blog

Often they get beaten within an inch of their lives. Mostly they already are.

You can’t help but root for them, unless you’re cold-blooded. Or just jaded.

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-4-TC anime blog

Or if they are fighting a really cool enemy, you might want to switch sides for a while.

5. Romance Dawn

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-6-TC anime blog

The entire adventure of One Piece is about the Romance Dawn – the heroic quest that sends the protagonist on an epic journey.

The One Piece that Luffy (and everyone else) searches for is a real MacGuffin.

This story is really about the journey, not the destination, and it’s a really epic journey at that.

5-reasons-why-one-piece-is-considered-the-best-long-running-anime-7-TC anime blog

In short, One Piece contains all the essential elements of shounen manga storyteling.

You follow the characters as they grow through hardship and happiness, joy and loss. It’s often heartwarming and hilarious; sometimes it’s heartbreaking.

It’s a good story with good characters.

(source: Lee Kwok Onn@quora)


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