9 Creepy Laughs From Anime Characters

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Whether it’s Invader Zim’s maniacal laugh or Orochimaru’s spine-tingling cackle, nothing defines a character like insane laughter. Enjoy these creepy laughs from anime characters!
Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Naruto - Laughs from anime charaters - Sasuke

It seems like Sasuke won’t let Orochimaru get all the glory. He performs his own maniacal laughter in episode 214.

Alucard from Hellsing

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - alucard - Laughs from anime charaters

Who doesn’t love Alucard from the ever-so-popular Hellsing series?

Orochimaru from Naruto

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Naruto - Laughs from anime charaters

Mind you, we’re not even talking about Orochimaru’s male form. It’s when he takes over a woman’s body and starts laughing with her voice.

Shion from When They Cry

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - shion - Laughs from anime charaters

If Rena’s laugh wasn’t enough to put you off from watching this, maybe Shion’s blood-curdling Ahahahahas will make you think twice.

Yuno from Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki is a popular anime series, and it’s likely that its life-or-death survival premise hooked fans right from the start. They don’t fail to deliver in the creepy laugh department, as Yuno’s laugh in this climactic scene has a childlike factor to it that makes it all the more uncomfortable.

Lelouch from Code Geass

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - lelouch - Laughs from anime charaters

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind watching Lelouch’s voice actor at work in the studio. That laugh is so impressive.

Rena from When They Cry

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - rena - Laughs from anime charaters

Rena’s laugh is borderline annoying, but when you consider the fact that the show is a murder mystery well… it’s rather appropriate.

Stein from Soul Eater

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Soul eater - Laughs from anime charaters

Stein’s voice actors aren’t holding back with their hair-raising cackles! There are several moments throughout the long-running series that’ll feature Stein’s laugh again and again.

Kira from Death Note

TC Anime Blog - Tshirt Collection - Kira - Laughs from anime charaters

Light Yagami’s voice actor, Mamory Miyano, is a natural at creeping viewers out! His laugh when he was revealed as “Kira” truly illustrated the slow insanity that took over him in the end.

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