” Black Goku Killed All 12 Future Gods Of Destruction! ” – Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 16

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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 16, offers us some exclusive information. Previously on chapter 15 it was mentioned that the Future Kaioshin is dead as a result The Future God of Destruction is also dead. Because they are created in pair and if one of them dies the other must die too. This information was also mentioned in DBS episode 55, but Whis only explained the Supreme Kai-Beerus pair thingy and the death of future Supreme Kai wasn’t mentioned and will perhaps be covered in the coming episodes. But, Chapter 16 further continues this story. As we get more detailed version of the Trunks vs Dabura and Babidi fight. In the anime, a very short scene was shown along with Trunks’ narration it appeared more like Goku and others trying to imagine how he defeated them. But this Manga version gives us the entire fight and the story, which highlights the involvement of the Supereme and Kidbito Kai and their death in this process. So in short, Trunks defeats Dabura and Babidi with the help of the Kaioshins. However, he couldn’t save Kibito or Supreme Kai. The death of Supreme Kai also marks the death of Future Beerus. I’m not sure how the life of Old Kai would fit in here. We will see. From the presentation it looks like, Black observed this entire thing. He was probably there to kill the Supreme Kai but didn’t need to do it himself. Anyways it is revealed that, Black actually killed all other Kaioshins of the remaining Universes and so all 12 Gods of Destruction from 12 other universes are now dead and he has no obstacles in his path. Of course there is some confusion regarding this. What happened to Whis, Vados and the rest of their kind? Killing the Supreme Kai’s would only kill the God of Destruction? Could this mean they got withdrawn to somewhere else or something like that? Also what about Omni-King or The Grand Priest or other characters like that?

Well, about Omni-King there’s a theory there’s only one version of him. Since, he is the God of Everything. In that case, it could be possible he ignored timelines other than the main timeline. Toriyama while declaring this arc mentioned The Omni-King will get involved in a battle surpassing time and space. We don’t know how exactly he will be involved. But in the anime he gave Goku a button by pressing which he can instantly be summoned. At some point that might get pressed willingly or unwillingly resulting in his involvement. However, in the manga this part has not been shown yet. In the anime Kaioshin-Beerus pair was explained before Goku went to Omni’s place. But they already did that in the Manga but Omni king hasn’t called Goku yet. Since, Zeno’s involvement would be a major thing if it is to happen it will be shown both in the anime and the Manga. So unless they changed the story later on, The Omni-King will get involved in this chaotic battle. So what do you think about this? How do you think he might get involved and what role might he play?

Anyways back to Goku Black. From this chapter it is confirmed his plan is to annihilate all mortals from all 12 universes. We don’t know much he progressed. Trunks mentioned earlier that he killed beings of many other planets but we don’t exactly how many or things like that. If they are implying he already dealt with some other Universes then shouldn’t he be facing opposition from other powerful beings like The Hitman Hit? These are some of the things that still remain unanswered.

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