Brook’s past and the connection with the Vinsmokes

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Since there has been so much focus on Sanji and his past in the recent chapters I want to make a little theory that’s based on Brook but where the family Vinsmoke is involved. Let’s start with this: What do we know about Brook other than him being the only survivor from the Rumbar Pirates Crew?

In Thriller Bark where Brook got introduced we saw him getting down on his knees and telling us who he was.


He mentions that he was the leader of a battle convoy in a certain kingdom and that he later joined the Rumba Pirates. Let’s skip this for a moment and talk about where Brook was born. He was born in West Blue where he joined the Rumbar Pirates and later entered Grand Line. We all know what happened after that but his past seems a little too mysterious, just like Sanji. A bit off topic but I feel like Franky’s past seems a little mysterious aswell but never mind that for now. When we got introduced to the Vinsmoke family we saw Brook say this:


We also saw him saying this:


The Germa 66 are supposed to be a infamous mythical evil army as said by Nami but they exist and they ruled over North Blue yet for some reason Brook knows so much about them. So let’s start my theory:

I think Brook was once the leader of a battle convoy in the Germa Kingdom. The Germa Kingdom as we can see is a nation without land and they are currently in the New World. It’s not impossible that they were once in West Blue especially since Brook was born a long time ago. Brook learned his fencing from before his time as a pirate and as we know the Germa 66 spend everyday training and especially with swords. His fencing attacks are very assasin-like so it’s not impossible that Brook once were one of the soldiers who was training day in and out. When Brook was still young the Vinsmokes didn’t know how to manufacture humans so that’s also why he isn’t like the current soldiers that they have.

That is what I think but there are other possibilities aswell. In this moment


We find out that the Rumbar Pirates with Brook as the captain were fighting an enemy that were using poisonous weapons and that they were simply too strong for them. Since Germa is known for their technology it could be that the Vinsmokes were the ones who killed Brook and his crew.Another possibilty is that Brook could even been the leader of a battle convoy for a different kingdom that were defeated by Germa.

Now getting back to the first possibilty, there’s no denying that Brook knows something about the Vinsmokes. He even seems to fear them since a) the name only sent him a chill, b) we can see him being quiet and not telling the others how we know of them and c) when Capone took away Sanji he said that he has a feeling that Sanji will never come back. How and why he knows about them is something we can only speculate but I’m very positive that there lies something in his past long time ago where he was connected to them.

So what do you think?

*Theory by Saami


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