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We are aware that we have now entered what seems to be one of the most important sagas in One Piece, the VS Four Emperors saga! The title itself gives me chills down my spine….But aside from the title itself, what are the events that will take place that will truly make this a chaotic, intense, and plot defining arc? This is what I would like to answer with this thread. But before we start off on a discussion, I would like to put forward some of the speculations I have had ever since the beginning of this saga.


What I think this saga will eventually lead up to is widespread war or at least severe tension between major powers in the New Worldand possibly all of the Grand Line. We have always been hearing about the balance of the 3 major powers The Marines, The Shichibukai, and The Yonko. An instability of the balance of power is likely to cause war (Examples in real life, World War 1). I think theeventual downfall of the Shichibukai system is what will cause a major stir in this precious balance. Since we can remember, the Shichibukai system was quite unstable, first with Crocodile’s defeat, Moriah’s defeat and possible demise, thenBlackbeard betraying the system and using it to actually become a Yonko himself, and now again we have Trafalgar Law and Doflamingo who are no longer a part of the Shichibukai system after the Dressrosa Arc.

So now we are left with only 5 Shichibukai:
1. Pirate Queen Boa Hancock
2. Star Clown Buggy-sama
3. Brain dead tyrant, cyborg Bartholomew Kuma
4. World’s Strongest Swordsman, Dracule Mihawk
5. Proclaimed son of Whitebeard, Edward Weeble.

So now with 2 empty spots, it’s not looking good. Even if they want to fill it up, it will take considerable amount of time. Plus we have another thing to consider,

Fujitora’s goal: Ever since he joined the Marines, Fujitora wanted to abolish the Shichibukai system and will try to do so in Reverie.

Even Doflamingo asks about the fate of the balance in power…I believe this is foreshadowing the events that will stir up all of the tensions in the Grand Line and lead to a cold war, if not an actual large-scale war.

But the Shichibukai system alone being a cause for the war? That just doesn’t sound right. Here are the other factors I think will affect the stability in a negative way.

The imbalance among Yonko… It is common knowledge that the 4 Yonko are similar when it comes to influential power, they own loads of territories, have HUGE ARMIES that can even rival the entire Marine HQ in terms of numbers. The set up right now withKaido losing his precious SMILEs and subsequent underworld business, his cooperation with Wano Kuni’s shogun, Big Mom’s ties with Germa 66, which is a very strong, technologically advanced organization itself which works with the World Government and even participates in the Reverie meeting.

What about Blackbeard? Another HUGE event has taken place in this saga right? You guessed it, I’m talking about Blackbeard destroying the Revolutionary Army’s base! Though I’m almost certain that Dragon, Sabo, Koala, and Ivankov (Confirmed in Chapter 827) are still fine and alive, I think that Blackbeard has gained a lot of powerful weapons from the base and quite possibly some strong Devil Fruit for his crew members. So with the power difference among the Yonko themselves increasing, I think the overall situation will lead to a widespread war. However, I have no idea on the scale of the war, whether it will cause a lot of destruction or not, I don’t know. But it will be widespread with at least all of the New World being affected. This also justifies the title of the saga! VS 4 Emperors, a skirmish/war among the Yonkos themselves with possible involvements from the Marines and Cipher Pol (aka WG) especially if the two Road Poneglyphs that Big Mom and Kaido have are deciphered. All of these to fight for supremecay! In Doflamingo’s words, “the Throne Wars!”

Sadly, we don’t have the slightest clue of what Shanks is upto (as always  ) BUT, I’m sure he’ll have a huge but indirect role in this (Luffy can’t meet him yet right  ).

But what will spark this chaotic situation?
The events that will unfold in the Wano Country. The Strawhats + Heart Pirates + Minks + Samurai + (Possibly) Marco + (maybe) The Grand Fleet vs. Kaido’s Army + Shogun and other Samurai.
It will be a tough battle and it will take a lot of time to get there, but once Kaido is defeated and Wano’s borders are opened, thefall of a powerful Yonko along with the abolished Shichibukai systemwill devour the world into utter chaos. Powerful groups everywhere will try to gain the most from the imbalance, people looking to leapfrog others and rule over the New World or Grandline! Many Samurai leaving the country and many others moving in! And not to forget, with no Shichibukai system, places like Amazon Lily may be in trouble (But they’re really strong).

Of course the Supernovas will be involved in this A LOT! Capone with Big Mom, X Drake and possibly Apoo with Kaido, the others will be involved too in one way or another. Bonney is still in hiding running from the WG.

I severely lack information to give a detailed account of how this ‘war’ will go about but for one I can say that it will be anything but peaceful.
I need help with the details and making more sense out of the situation!

If you think this is a bit far-fetched and that things will not get too chaotic, I can only try to convince you with the amazing build-up andforeshadowing that we got so far in the New World.

Law’s Speech:
Preparing for something big? The final war, yes, but that was obvious from long before so this is hinting at a huge event that will define the ‘New Era’

Doflamingo’s Speech:

Battle for Supremacy? Come on! That’s basically spelling out CHAOS!

Just to clear out some points, THIS IS NOT THE FINAL WAR (obviously). The final war will include the Ancient weapons, it will be world wide, it will be several tens of thousands of times more chaotic than this.


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