Crusher Bergamo Vs Son Goku – Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 Review

Crusher Bergamo Vs Son Goku – Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 Review

Basically, it will be a 80 man Royal Rumble. If you are a WWE fan you know exactly what I am talking about. The only way to eliminate someone is to throw them out of the stage; even if someone is knocked out he has to be thrown out to be officially eliminated.

Now, this is surprising, Killing is against the rules unlike the exhibition match we just had, but that’s good in a way because now fighting techniques will get more value. Some of our Z fighters, who are returning after all these years, might benefit from it. Have to admit though; I thought killing would be allowed because they are supposedly fighting for survival. Anyways, now after hearing about the battle format, their decision seems legit. The idea here is a Royal Rumble basically; the only way to defeat is to throw your opponent out of the stage. If Killing was allowed then you know there would be that another way, I bet Krillin will appreciate this rule. If you know what I mean!

Using any kind of external weapon is also not allowed, for example what Frost did in last tournament would not be allowed however like Lavender if poisoning is your natural ability or something that you can do with a part of your body, that’s allowed as long as it doesn’t kill within the 48 minutes time limit. This is actually really interesting, because people have been talking about fusion, if Goku and Vegeta will fuse, if we will get Vegito and all that. This probably means ‘ Potara Earrings’ will not be allowed in this tournament, this could either be a good or bad news for the fusion fans. While this would eliminate Vegito as a possible outcome, it makes Gogeta more likely to happen. Knowing the rules, Goku and Vegeta might practice the fusion dance ahead of the tournament. Besides, since it’s going to be team battles, fusion would not be against the rules as the team members are joining forces anyway.

The Great Priest also notes ‘ Flying skills such as flight is nullified in the world of void’. They are probably implying that flying out of the stage isn’t allowed, as it would be disturbing for the Battle Royal format.

Interestingly enough, this battle will last for 48 minutes, if you take that literally the Royal Rumble would end in like 2 and a half episode, but as you know all these fighters move very swiftly. Some feats are even faster than light, so a lot more things can happen in these 48 minutes than we can think. So they have to slow it down for us to understand what’s happening, and that’s how many explain the 5 minutes of Goku vs Frieza face off. I mean obviously all fights are slowed for us to understand. Mainly the team with most surviving fighters at the end of the time limit will win.

We’ll talk more about how this 80 man battle royal might end or what the outcome will be later in this video.

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