DBS x Dr. Slump, my thoughts

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Spoilers ahead!

So this episode is a DBS and Dr. Slump crossover. If you don’t like Super’s power scaling, then you should take everything you know about power scaling and throw it out of the window, because this episode is not meant to be taken seriously. It focuses on Arale, a gag manga character which is meant to be ridiculously strong.


Arale’s return, has she gone crazy?!

Arale returns, and she looks as cute as ever. An iconic character with an insane level of power who’s just an amazingly strong child robot. She’s short, cute and just loveable. Probably one of my favourite anime/manga characters. Apparently, she can not only make Vegeta take an L, but she can compete with Super Saiya-jin Blue Goku, which is as crazy as it is cool. Also, in this episode she really wants to play with someone, because she was drugged. This is her second appearance in Dragon Ball Super I believe, and I loved every second of it. She’s just a simple character, and that’s exactly what makes her such a likeable character in my opinion. I hope we get to see her again in the future.


The greatest invention in history?

Yes, Dr. Slump invented this brilliant machine which will make anything you want, out of thin air. Yes I do mean everything, from a mobile phone to a cup of tea. It’s one of the most amazing inventions ever, and absolutely everything about it is nonsensical, but that’s the point. Dr. Slump isn’t meant to make any sense and it’s nice to see that they didn’t change that. Oh and they used the invention to make the most delicious food possible just so they could wake Beerus up, and it worked, he loved it. Oh God, I just wish I could buy that.


Hakai is back!

You heard that right. Lord Beerus uses Hakai in this episode and it’s beautiful. I love this technique and I’m sure some of you do as well. He used it on Zamasu, which ended up destroying him in less than 5 seconds. In this episode, he uses it to destroy…a ghost. Apparently, Hakai can destroy ANYTHING in the 7th Universe, as long as it’s not Whis’ father, an angel, God of Destruction or Zen-oh. I can’t say this is 100% confirmed, as it may turn out to be false or a simple mistranslation. Either way, I was happy to see Beerus using this technique again.

“Ghost or not, there’s nothing that Beerus-sama can’t destroy.” – Whis, episode 69


Goku vs Arale, a ridiculous fight

With Vegeta losing the fight, it’s Goku’s turn to fight against Arale. I was expecting Arale to be base Goku/Vegeta level at best, but oh my God…I was wrong. Not only is she far stronger than base Vegeta, but she even gives Super Saiya-jin Blue Goku a good run for his money. Surprising, shocking, unbelievable and amazing at the same time. I liked the fight. It wasn’t as long as I would’ve liked but this is how Super does its fights, really good but short. I didn’t really care though, for what it was meant to be, a crossover episode, it was definitely good.



Remember episode 67’s animation? In my eyes, it was very inconsistent, which I really didn’t like. This episode though is on a whole other level. Forget about episode 67’s animation. This episode had great animation, comparable to Super’s most well animated episodes for sure. Beerus’ face when he wakes up and comes to Earth isn’t what I’d call well animated but other than that, it was really good overall. Great job animators!



This isn’t a review so I won’t be giving it a score but this episode was really good in my opinion, by far the best filler episode I’ve seen in Super. Of course, it could have been better but for what it was, I really liked it. An entertaining crossover, with good animation. That’s how I would put it.


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Have a great day!



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