Do the Super Dragon Balls have limits

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Hello everyone, and this is just a little blog on a small idea I had the other day. I hope you enjoy and put your thoughts in the comments.

As we all know, the Super Dragon Balls were created by Zalama in the year 41. These Dragon Balls are planet sized orbs, similar to Earth’s normal sized Dragon Balls, and planet Namek’s Wish Orbs.


Now the Dragon Balls are supposed to have as much power as the person who made them, but for the Super Dragon Balls to be able to grant any wish, Zalama must have been very powerful.


But can they really grant any wish?

Xeno is supposedly the most powerful being in the Omniverse, that we know of now, but could there actually be someone stronger than him? If the Super Dragon Balls can grant any wish ever, that must include being able to wish Xeno away, right?

As seen in the Saiyan Saga, the Dragon Balls on Earth couldn’t wish away Nappa or Vegeta because they were more powerful than Kami. Kami was the maker of the Dragon Balls and because he wasn’t more powerful than the Saiyans that means that neither was Shenron. But if the Super Dragon Balls can wish away Xeno, then the maker would’ve had to have been/is stronger than Xeno.


I, for one, dont agree with this point. If there is someone who is supposed to be the strongest being ever, why have something that can wish him away instantly.

Now while Zalama may have been more powerful than Xeno (we dont know if he was, to this point in time), I think that the Super Dragon Balls must have limits as to what can be wished with them. For instance, they can’t wipe out the Omni-kings, or wipe out everything from existence.

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