Does Ressurection of F Really Suck?

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Dragon Ball Z Ressurection of F was a highly anticipated film for Dragon Ball fans. After Battle of God’s which was a huge success as it made a lot of money and the fans loved it. Obviously a film that made a lot of money has to have a sequel, it’s just how things are these days and the sequel was obviously announced and it turned out to be called Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu No F/ Ressurection of F/ Revival of F whatever you wanna call it. This film was recored with mixed reviews. Some people hated it, some people loved it and some where in between but there were a lot of negative reviews and why was that.

tc anime blog - Does Ressurection of F Really Suck?

One thing that I don’t understand is how can a lot of Dragon Ball fans not be happy with the end result especially when Toriyama’s editor, gave Toriyama the thumbs up on the story of it and he rarely ever compliments Toriyama. Ok so to understand why people don’t like it first we need to know their reasons.

Gohan Sucks

Well one massive reason why people dislike it is because Gohan sucks. I guess people were expecting this…

tc anime blog - Does Ressurection of F Really Suck?

but they got this

tc anime blog - Does Ressurection of F Really Suck?

Now I can understand why Gohan fans are angry, Ressurection of F would be a perfect place for Gohan to have a massive comeback. It would be a perfect opportunity to give Gohan the treatment that he deserves but instead all we got was Gohan turning Super Saiyan and one-shoting Shisami which, don’t get me wrong, was really cool but not cool enough to please the Gohan fans.

Goku takes the Kill

Ok now this one pissed off a lot of people. Throughout Vegeta’s early life, he was always dominated by Freeza. Freeza drove his race to near extinction, destroyed his home planet, humiliated him on planet Namek, etc. This was one chance that Vegeta had to finally avenge himself for everything that Freeza did. In he movie Vegeta BEATS DOWN Freeza. He’s just messing around with him and boy does it feel good but then as Vegeta is about to take the kill, two things happen.

1.) Freeza blows up the planet.

2.) Goku kills Freeza

Point number 2 is what triggered a lot of people. They thought that they were gonna get this

tc anime blog - Does Ressurection of F Really Suck?

instead they got this

tc anime blog - Does Ressurection of F Really Suck?

Ok I guess I understand why people would be pissed off at this but there is another reason. But this reason is different as not all people have realised it yet.

Lack Of Suspense

tc anime blog - Does Ressurection of F Really Suck?

When people go to watch a film, they usually don’t know what to expect but for Ressurection of F people basically Knew everything that was going to happen besides the ending. People went to the film knowing that Goku and Vegeta had a new Super Saiyan God transformation. People went to the film knowing that Freeza had his Golden form. People went to the film knowing that Vegeta would have to take over for Goku as Goku had suffered a serious injury. People didn’t know this through speculation but through promotional material.

tc anime blog - Does Ressurection of F Really Suck?

Toei had basically told. Everyone what was going to happen and people went into the film knowing ehat was going to happen and that affected the viewing experience. The way we experienced it was different from the way Toriyama’s editor did. Toriyama didn’t tell his editor that Goku, Vegeta and Freeza would get new transformations, he went to it blind and he felt the suspense. That’s why he gave the thumbs up to Toriyama because he was surprised and we weren’t because we knew it all before the film. That’s why people don’t enjoy it as much.

tc anime blog - Does Ressurection of F Really Suck?

But to answer the question of does Ressurection of F Really Suck? Well the answer is simple. No it doesn’t. It’s a really fun film with spectacular visuals and fight choreography. The humour and character interaction were on point. The only problem was that we didn’t feel any excitement from a surprising plot twist like in the original series. We loved Goku turning Super Saiyan for the first time because we didn’t expect it. We lived the Kaioken 10x because we didn’t see footage of it before. But Ressurection of F had none of that and that’s what ruined the experience for some people.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and stay tuned for more blogs like this in the future.


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