Dragon Ball 65 Spoilers: End of Zamasu? Or the Beginning of A More Powerful Zamasu and Black?

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There a bit of hope in the upcoming Episode 64 that Zamasu’s reign might come to an end. Savoring every moment, as the series verifies yet again to be erratic. Here is this week’s episode rundown and spoilers for Dragon Ball Super 65.

The Mafuba Technique

Goku and Vegeta fought Zamasu and Black separately. For a short while, things were going well for Vegeta and Goku, that even Black accepted Vegeta’s power. However, the enemies’ immortal bodies ceased to die and soon gave them back the upper hand.

While Goku gets involved in Vegeta and Black’s fight, Zamasu headed towards Bulma, Trunks and Mai. Bulma told Trunks to learn the Mafuba technique and to do it on Zamasu. To buy time, Bulma dallied with Zamasu. Only when Trunks saw his mother senseless did he had the spunk to activate the Mafuba.

The Mafuba Technique seemed to be working and Zamasu had an astonished look on his face while getting gurgled into the jar. Zamasu declined to believe that it would end this way up until he fully gets locked inside the jar. Now the last thing to do is to put the seal on it. Unfortunately, Goku left the seal at Master Roshi’s place. Without the seal, Zamasu escaped from the jar.

Black’s Anger: To Defeat Zamasu, Fans Say Goku And Vegeta Will Probably Have To Do Their Own Fusion As Well

When Black felt Zamasu’s  disappearing and reappearing, this worried him. He saw that Zamasu has enfeebled and declared that it’s time to show them their power. Episode 64 ended with the fusion of Zamasu and Black.

Dragon Ball Super 65’s title is “Final Judgement?! Supreme God’s Ultimate Power!” Zamasu’s power grows unusually with the fusion. Goku worries but still oaths that this won’t be the end for the mortals. See preview trailer below:

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