‘Dragon Ball’ Game Reveals Broly and a possible canon connection

‘Dragon Ball’ Game Reveals Broly and a possible canon connection

“Dragon Ball Super'” fandom is very wide they appreciate that the show that aired its final Episode 131 in March, is now going to be seen on big screen in theatres. A movie is going to be made for the series which will release in December. As we know, over the years, the creator of this popular anime, Akira Toriyama, has always approved content for the franchise requested or created by the fans. Fans have also taken it as a task to come up with something new and unusual very often.

Recently, Dragon Ball Legends took to Twitter to share new details about its concept, and one post got everyone buzzing. You know, because it featured Broly and hinted at a possible canon connection.

The mobile game confirmed that the game will have three modes and from them, one is going to be a Story Mode. To excite us more, they further mentioned that this arc will take place right where “Dragon Ball Super” ended. So we can say that this game is going to be a continuity of the latest series.

Of course, you can see why this direct callout would be grabbing attention. Not only does the game namedrop a specific anime arc it is tied to, but it says it will pick up after its story. This gives the game an immediate timeline, something which many titles lack, and it gives Dragon Ball Legends a leg up in being canonized.

The story was discussed with Toriyama and he went and designed a new Saiyan warrior named Shallot. Well, all this has really made us excited and we’re wondering what’s going to happen next with this.

If there is anything holding up the canon status of this game, it would be because of what’s in its Story Mode preview. The tweet above shows a brief picture from the narrative, and Broly is part of it. It looks like Future Trunks runs into the Legendary Super Saiyan, and Goku arrives with Shallot to save him. As the fandom knows, Broly has been one of the franchise’s most debated figures because of his non-canon status, and his inclusion in a canon-approved arc would mean big things for fans.

For now, we have to wait back and see whether or not Dragon Ball Legends will make it to canon or not. Fans have also speculated that Dragon Ball Legends might be converted into a film and we’re really looking forward to seeing if this is going to be true or not. This is because a prequel to “Dragon Ball Super” will explain us more about canon and its powers.

What do you think about this upcoming game? Meanwhile, talking about the new movie, it will release on December 14. The film will be based on the history of the Saiyans. Akira Toriyama has written the script of the film and also worked on its characters. Fans will surely see a number of new warriors in the movie. The film’s poster and the teaser have already been released. Stay tuned for more anime news and updates.

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