Dragon Ball Super- Battle Royal Beyond 48 Minutes?

Dragon Ball Super- Battle Royal Beyond 48 Minutes?

The Tournament of Power is going to be way different, than what we primarily thought. As it’s going to have a ’80 man battle royal’; where 80 of the best fighters from 8 different Universe, will fight for the sake of their existence.

In this video we will talk about, the result of this Battle or the outcome or what the end game will be.

In this battle, the only way to eliminate your opponent, the only way mind it, is to throw them out of the stage. Even if you knock them out, you’ll have to drag them out of the stage. Killing could have been a game changer, but it’s not allowed.

What would happen though if someone intentionally or unintentionally kills an opponent?

It will surely lead him to be disqualified, and that could probably as well eliminate his opponent unless Zeno or The Great Priest can restore instantly. So, you might actually be able to take someone out by killing, but that would cost you the match too.

Some other rules of the match include not being able to fly outside of the stage or using any kind of external weapons.

The winner will be decided based on the surviving members, the team with the highest number of surviving members at the end of 48 minutes will be the winning Universe or the only Universe that will survive from what we know till now. If only one fighter remains, that would obviously mean he wins it for his Universe, but the question will it be that simple?

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