Dragon Ball Super Brings Most Shocking Twist?

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The spoilers reveal that Dragon Ball Super episode 60 is going to feature the Super Saiyan White or Ultimate White Saiyan God to beat Black Goku.  This means it will be a protagonist.  However, earlier it was rumored that the anime series will introduce the character as a new villain. How is it possible?  We have a theory here.

The Official Word on Super Saiyan White:

A few months back, Akira Toriyama- Dragon Ball creator confirmed that he has plans to introduce a new Super Saiyan form in this manga series. The character would be dubbed as Super Saiyan White or Ultimate White Saiyan God or Super Saiyan 5. However, he hinted that the character will be a villainous one who will be seen creating havoc in the Dragon Ball Super timeline. If the rumors are in fact true we will get a new baddie in the anime universe soon.

The Contradicting Spoilers:

On the contrary, the spoilers for Dragon Ball Superepisode 60 are a complete contradiction to this conjecture.  Still, the theory Toriyama’s theory can’t be overlooked completely. There is a chance that Super Saiyan White will turn up to a villain and cause disaster.  The concept may take inspiration from Batman vs. Superman plot where the fan-favorite superhero Superman becomes a potential threat to humanity.

The Theory:

The destructive battle with General Zod that leads Superman to manifest a more violent alter-ego in his sleep and this side of him only wreaks havoc across the world. He soon turned into a controversial character leaving the world wonder whether he is actually a savior or another alien threat. The amount of destruction is rampant. Tens of thousands of people are being killed and the fans lost their faith in The Last Son of Krypton. Finally, the situation comes under control after Batman takes over and fights Superman.

If Dragon Ball Super follows the same theory, then we may see a drastic change in Super Saiyan White in the post-Black Goku battle period. The aftermath of such powerful and devastating fight won’t be insignificant.  Perhaps he will incline to the darker side. Super Saiyan White might emerge as a new villain in the arena causing disaster.

Super Saiyan White Appearance and Power:

As the name suggest, Super Saiyan White or Super Saiyan 5 is the next level beyond the enormously powerful Super Saiyan 4 in Dragon Ball circle. He will be blessed with unbelievable power, which is enough to match or even outdo Beerus -the Lord of Destruction.  This Saiyan version will have a long white hair, a Saiyan tail. Even his muscular body will be almost three times bigger than Super Saiyan 4, according to relevant sources.

The Possibilities:

If these speculations prove to be real, then the fans will see a new arc in Dragon Ball Super, in the coming days. As per reports Vegeta will be seen transforming into Super Saiyan White to defeat Black Goku. So there are chances the new saga will highlight a major part of his life, as well.

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