Dragon Ball Super Chapter 16 Raw Release: Goku Black appears! Death of Kaioshin, Beerus and 12 Lords of Destruction

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Dragon Ball Super manga – Trunks was successful in preventing Babidi from resurrecting Majin Buu in his timeline but not without the help of Universe 7’s Kaioshin, who sacrificed his own life to keep things in order within his universe. Unfortunately, Goku Black appeared out of nowhere, threatening to break the peace Trunks and the Kais have struggled to achieve.
Highlights of Chapter 16:

-The chapter opens with Trunks training Kaioshin and Kibito on how to wield the Z sword. Realizing Trunks was ready to use the sword, the Kais finally decided to confront Babidi and stop his plan of resurrecting Majin Bu.

-The Kaioshin and Kibito were caught unprepared to what they saw. Debura, the ruler of the demon realm, had aligned himself with Babidi. Kaioshin and Kibito fought valiantly with Babidi’s henchman. But Debura was just too powerful them. He blasted Kibito to pieces, and completely overwhelmed Kaioshin.

-Fortunately, Kaioshin saved his last amount of energy to freeze Debura, allowing Trunks to incinerate him and Babidi with a powerful ki blast. With Babidi gone, Trunks stopped Majin Bu from being resurrected, but facing a future without the Kaioshin.

-Looking on from afar was Goku Black, who was ecstatic to learn the Kaioshin had already perished and thus the inevitable death of Beerus, the Lord of Destruction of Universe 7. From there, Goku Black began wrecking havoc on Earth.

-Back to the original timeline, Future Trunks narrated to everyone at the mess hall the fate of the Earth at his time. Beerus also learned he no longer existed in the future due to the death of Kaioshin. As a matter of fact, Trunks told them that all Lords of Destruction in 12 Universe were already killed by Goku Black and he believed he’s the only warrior left to fight him.

-Meanwhile in Universe 10, Zamasu and Kibito was having a friendly sparring while the two Kaioshins looked on. Kaioshin was surprised by Zamasu’s incredible power level, telling him he’s pretty strong for a former Kaio (North Kaio of Universe 10). Gowasu nodded that his apprentice’s fighting prowess is elite, but revealed that he had a bit of personality problem.

-Zamasu expressed his admiration for Kaioshin and Kibito for beating Majin Buu. The two explained that it was a hard fight and beating Babidi’s monster would have not been possible without the help of Son Goku, a name the instantly piques the curiosity of Zamasu.

-As Kaoishin and Kibiti departed, Gawasu invited Zamasu to observe the inhabitants Babari. He explained to him that no matter how violent the behavior of Babari inhabitants, he should not take matters into his own hands because that’s the job of God Destruction. Gawasu then revealed the time ring, which they are about to use to see the future of Babari. The chapter ends with a closing text “What future will the apprentice-Kaioshin Zamasu see with the Time Rings…?!”

Dragon Ball Super chapter 16 has been included in this month’s release of V-Jump Monthly, which already hit the stands last September 22. Hat-tip to DB-Z.com and Herms for raw copies and translation of the chapter.


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