Dragon Ball Super Ep 58-61 Spoilers- Title And Summary Revealed! Goku Black’s Identity to be Revealed in October

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 58-61 Titles And Preview Summary Revealed! 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 – Zamasu and Black – The Duo’s Mystery Deepens

September 11, 2016

Goku and the gang have been defeated by Zamasu (the now immortal apprentice Kaioshin of Universe 10) and Goku Black (a mysterious warrior who looks just like Son Goku), but for the time being have returned to the present after being getting by Mai and Yajirobe. Meanwhile, present day Zamasu visits the all-knowing Zuno to ask him about the Super Dragon Balls.

September 18, 2016

Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 Title is- ‘ Protect Kaioshin Gowasu, Destroy Zamasu ‘ 

Airing Date- September 25th 

Preview Summary- Since, the future Zamasu had on a pair of Potara, which only Kaioshin are qualified to wear, Goku and company figure that the Universe 10 Kaioshin Gowasu’s life is in jeopardy. They immediately head for universe 10

Explanation- In Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 trailer, we see Zamasu summons Super Shenron and then teleports back to the Kaioshin’s place. Most probably episode 58 will end there leaving us on a cliffhanger. Goku and Company from the clues they got from future, that Zamasu is wearing a pair of potara figured it out that Zamasu might murder Gowasu. So they will head off to fight Zamasu. But Zamasu using his teleportation technique reached that place quite early as we saw in episode 58 preview when he reached their Gowasu was alone. Zamasu is way stronger than Gowasu and most other Kaioshins, as he is a fighting prodigy, and we don’t know what he wished from the Super Shenron assuming that the wish was made before went to Gowasu’s place. Even if he went there before making the wish even then he shall have no problem killing Gowasu. I am guessing Zamasu will offer Gowasu to join with him one last time and on his rejection he will decide to kill him for the sake of greater good. Now, by the end of this episode, the fans will wonder if Goku and Company reaches there in time to save Gowasu. Or Gowasu might get killed in this very episode but our heroes would be unaware of it and thus still travel towards Universe 10.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 60- “ Back to the Future Goku Black’s identity revealed “ 

Airing Date- October 2nd 

My Thoughts- After finding proof that the present day Zamasu has murdered Gowasu, the God Of Destruction Beerus destroys Zamasu. With present Zamasu destroyed, the future should be safe, but future Trunks still feels uneasy and goes to the future to check things out.

So, guys, this one gives away some huge spoilers. We have almost 2 confirmed deaths here. Present Zamasu killed Gowasu. Not only that, Beerus destroyed Zamasu! So, by the time Goku and company reached Universe 10, Zamasu had already killed Gowasu. Now this raises a lot of question! So what did Zamasu really wished for from Super Shenron?! The most common theory or prediction till now was that Zamasu will wish for immortality. That I personally find invalid because that could also be wished from any normal Dragons. Still, since Future Zamasu is immortal and indestructible even I thought a part of the wish might grant him immortality. If that is the case, then how did Beerus kill him!? Maybe present Zamasu didn’t wish for immortality after all. The only way, the immortality theory could play off is if something like this happens. Beerus totally annihilates him and thinks Zamasu is killed. But just after they leave the place Zamasu regenerates or in whatever ways reappears because his wish from Super Shenron was that he can’t be killed. So, then we would have a present Zamasu outside their knowledge. A part of the summary states ‘ the future should be safe, but future Trunks still feels uneasy, ‘. Okay, this is the part I didn’t understand. Why would they ever think the future is safe?! Because they very well know making changes in past or future doesn’t affect the other. For example, Goku’s heart virus death was prevented thanks to Future Trunks in the original timeline but that didn’t restore Goku in the future. So why would they expect by killing present Zamasu the Future one would automatically disappear.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 61- Zamasu’s ambition: Presenting the ‘ Zero Mortals Plan ‘

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