‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 62 big spoilers leaked: ‘Teach me the Mafuba!’ – Goku learns new technique

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‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 62 big spoilers leaked: ‘Teach me the Mafuba!’ – Goku learns new technique (Photo : Twitter/Ajay)

Before episode 61 airs this Sunday, we have some key spoilers from “Dragon Ball Super” episode 62 suggesting Goku to learn a new technique. Zamasu and Black Goku are becoming difficult to beat and Trunks wants Goku to find a way to bring them down. But, can Goku learn this new technique?

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Warning: This article contains spoilers from “Dragon Ball Super” episodes. Read to know more.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 62 Jump preview leaked

The title of episode 62 is “I Will Protect the Future! Trunks’ Super Power of Rage Explodes!!”

In “Dragon Ball Super” episode 62, Trunks gets angry and he will protect his own era. Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks have a fierce battle against Black Goku and Zamasu. Future Trunks asks Goku and others to head back to the past and he goes one-on-one against Black Goku on his own.

Meanwhile, “Dragon Ball Super” episode 62 will see Goku going to the Turtle Hermit. He wants to learn the Mafuba.

Mafuba, also known as Evil Containment Wave, is a technique devised to lock demons away by sucking them in a container with special seal called Ofuda on it, according to Wikia.

The other names of Mafuba are Demon Incarcerator, Demon Sealing Wave, Ma Fu Ba, Mafuba Wave, Meteo Telekinesis and Magic Seal Attack.

Trunks vests in Goku to figure out a way to defeat Zamasu and Black Goku. When Goku returns to the past, he asks the Turtle Hermit to teach him the technique to seal the demon.

However, there is a major hurdle and we will find out about it in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 62.

Thank you, Herms98 for the spoilers.

Stay tuned for more “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers, news and updates. Share your views in the section below.

“Dragon Ball Super” episodes air Sundays at 9 a.m. Japan time on Fuji TV.

the next evo - save the sea


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