Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 ” Goku Masters The Evil Containment Wave ” – Review

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Dragon Ball Super ” I’ll Protect the World! Trunks’ Angry Super Power Explosion!! ” Full Episode English Review! Future Trunks vs Zamasu and Black, Goku and Vegeta back to the future, Goku learns Kamehameha and much more!

Meanwhile, back in the original timeline Bulma needs some time to get the time machine running again. There’s a small gathering as Piccolo, Krillin, Chi Chi, Goten and Gohan arrives. Piccolo, of course, suggests the evil containment wave technique, to seal down the immortal Zamasu who can’t be defeated otherwise. In Dragon Ball, Piccolo countered Evil Containment Wave, and from this episode, we know that he also can use the move, but Goku decides to learn it from his all time Master, Roshi.

I really enjoyed what this Master Roshi segment. Roshi is hands down all time best master of Goku. It is because the base Master Roshi built for Goku both mentally and physically that made Goku so special. Master Roshi’s involvement in the tournament as Jackie Chun showed just how much he cared about Goku. So, after all, this even after Goku became a God it felt really good to see Goku coming back to Master Roshi once again to learn something. As a big time fan of Dragon Ball who really liked the time when Roshi trained Goku, even defeated Goku in the martial arts tournament. This episode also showed a re-animated flashback from the time Master Roshi used the evil containment wave on King Piccolo. It always feels good to have flashbacks from Dragon Ball. This segment really touched my emotions, and I felt really good about it. Master Roshi alarmed Goku about the risk of using this technique; evil containment wave otherwise known as Mafuba can kill the one who uses it. It’s not like that it will kill the user but it can. Most people brought up the point that Goku is not likely to die from using it because he is very strong, but the thing here so Is Zamasu. Zamasu is not some King Piccolo, but a strong immortal god so a huge amount of life force would be required to seal him provided it is even possible to seal him. So, the risk remains. We know Tien learned the technique by practicing it just by seeing it for once, that even back in the Dragon Ball days. Goku was always a fast learner having learned Kamehameha instantly just by observing Roshi use it. Now, they are like billion times ahead of their Dragon Ball self. So, Goku ended up learning it overnight. We got some Dragon Ball humor as Goku practiced it on the turtle. Meanwhile, Vegeta probably trained in the hyperbolic time chamber, so we can expect a huge power boost. The title and preview summaries of the upcoming episodes do suggest that Vegeta will be in some hardcore action very soon.

Another thing is, in this episode, Gohan finally came to know about the struggle of Future Trunks. Then, he realized why Trunks came here in the first place and how stupid he was to not even ask him. Gohan did seem a bit worried and looked like he wanted to help. Giving us the fans a ray of hope, but Gohan’s reaction was nothing like it should have been. I felt like he should have reacted more and expressed interest to help or start training right away maybe he could join in with Vegeta. But, over the years he was brainwashed quite well, and it might take some time for him to transform back to normal from the disappointment he has become. Now, even if Gohan doesn’t return in this arc, this is a positive sign they are hinting the fans and trying to make the fans demand even higher. That makes me believe Gohan might, in fact, become a fighter again sooner or later. Just want to mention that, I felt disappointed with Gohan’s reactions he should have been more upset for not being able to help Future Trunks who saved them in the Cell saga.


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