‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 62 recap and review: Trunks holds off Zamasu and Black; Chi Chi freaks out [SPOILERS]

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Trunks is angry at Zamasu and Goku Black’s comments, and he powers up into a new form. Meanwhile, Chi Chi learns about her and Goten’s death in the alternate timeline. The recap of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 62 showcases what went down in the episode.

Warning: This article contains complete spoilers from “Dragon Ball Super” episode 62.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 62 recap and review


The episode begins with angry Trunks powering up into a new form and he announces that he would kill Goku Black. But, Goku Black thinks Trunks has gone nuts. Trunks, in his new form, is able to put up a commendable fight but still unable to defeat Goku Black.

At one point, it appears evil Goku has defeated Future Trunks but the latter rises again to launch a Masenko at Goku Black. Trunks tells Vegeta to take Goku back to the present in the time machine while he stops the evil pair. Vegeta is not ready to leave them behind but there is no other way.

Vegeta gives Mai the bag of Senzu. Bulma gets the time machine and the three of them zoom off to the past.

Though Goku Black tries to blast off the time machine but Trunks deflects his attack.

Goku, Vegeta and Bulma are back and kids Trunks believes that Future Trunks has not come because there is peace in his timeline.

Meanwhile, Beerus gets into self-praise mode for changing the future. Bulma gets angry at Beerus and tells him that nothing has changed. Beerus accepts Future Trunks’ prediction about the future.

Vegeta goes on to explain what is happening in the future and he also shares Goku Black’s origin story. Beerus is pleased to destroy Zamasu in the current timeline and other timelines are not his concern.

In “Dragon Ball Super” episode 62, Gohan and Chi Chi come to meet with Kuririn to find out about Goku’s whereabouts. Kuririn tries to dodge the questions as he wonders if Goku is fighting Goku Black again. He leaves for his patrol duty.

Gohan tells Chi Chi that Goku will be back home soon. Chi Chi sees kids Trunks and Goten as they have gone to see Bulma. They want to join the fight but Bulma tells them that they are no match for Goku Black and Zamasu.

Chi Chi and Gohan ask Bulma about Goku. But, Bulma acts as if she doesn’t know anything. To make things awkward, Piccolo, Kuririn and Shu arrive and Chi Chi gets suspicious. Later, Goku himself comes out and Chi Chi is shocked to see him in bandages.

Everyone tells Chi Chi and Goten about what has happened in the future and how dangerous Zamasu and Goku Black are.

Piccolo suggests that they can end Zamasu and Goku Black using Mafuba or the Demon Containment Wave.

Meanwhile, Bulma gets back to work on the time machine. Vegeta heads to the Room of Spirit and Time.

Goku wants to know more about the Mafuba technique and Kuririn tells him that Roshi would know about it. Piccolo decides to give a demonstration but before he could do it, Goku teleports to meet with Roshi.

At Roshi’s place, he tells Goku that he can teach him the technique. Goku practices Mafuba on Sea Turtle as Roshi keeps an eye on him.

Due to concentration issues, Goku misses to put the Sea Turtle in the jar. Finally, he succeeds and Roshi tells him all he has to do is close the jar with a lid and a talisman.

Towards the end of “Dragon Ball Super” episode 62, Gowasu meets with Beerus and Whis and he assures them he will help them in whatever form he can as Zamasu is his mistake.

Thank you, Herms98 for the translation.

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