Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 ” Super Saiyan Blue Rage Trunks vs Goku Black ” Preview Breakdown

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 “I’ll Protect The World! Trunk’s Angry Super Power Explosion!!” Airing Date- October 16th! This episode will feature the fierce battle of Trunks vs Zamasu and Black! While Goku and Vegeta return to the past for a solution! Watch the video for all predictions and much more!


‘ Dragon Ball Super 62 ‘: “I’ll Protect The World! Trunk’s Angry Super Power Explosion!!” Airing Date- October 16th
Son Goku and co has eliminated the Zamasu in the present but the future hasn’t still changed. Goku and Co return to the present. Vegeta says,”We can’t beat them in a head-on battle” but Piccolo replies”in that case, there is one thing you can do”

Going to The Turtle Hermit- Master Roshi to learn the evil containment wave!

Trunks entrust Goku with finding a way of defeating Zamasu and Company. After returning to the past, Goku asks the turtle hermit to teach him the evil containment wave, but…?!

In order to defeat Zamasu and Goku Black for sure this time, Goku and co have come to the future once again, but Zamasu and Goku Blacks’ battle power far surpasses their own. Future Trunks tries to stand against them, but they accuse him, “you are the cause of it all.”
Now, let’s breakdown the preview trailer of ‘ Dragon Ball Super Episode 62’.

Here we see, Future Trunks giving Black a really hard time beating the hell out of him. However, one very noticeable thing here is that even though his eye pupils are not there, and he is buffed up the Blue God aura that we saw during the transformation is not there. I believe this scene from the Episode 62 gave birth to the theory that Trunks actually absorbed the Blue aura. Even though it hasn’t even been a week since we saw Trunks’ new transformation the fandom is so hyped that they are always talking about it and is coming up with theories. According to that theory, just like Goku absorbed the Spirit Bomb to destroy Android 13; Future Trunks absorbed the Blue God Ki or Aura. The thing is Spirit Bomb is external energy gathered from external sources so the absorbing of it makes sense which is not the case here.

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