Dragon Ball Super episode 63 Spoilers- ” The Mafuba Jar Broken “

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Dragon Ball Super 63 Title “ Don’t Defile Saiyan Cells! The curtain rises on Vegeta’s intense battle!! “
Airing Date- October 23rd

With Saiyan pride in his heart, Vegeta challenges Goku Black. Now that they have found a breakthrough solution Goku and Vegeta return to Trunks, who is in the future fighting Zamasu and co..!! Vegeta faces off against the fake Saiyan, Goku Black..!!

Trunks This Week: Restoring The Broken Mafuba Jar…

The time machine and mafuba jar are both broken by Zamasu. What special skill does Trunks use to repair the Jar..?

Thanks to Herms for the translations!

Subscribers here on my channel probably already saw the episode 62-65 spoiler video. There we already had some spoilers about 63 even before episode 62 came out. However, this spoiler preview gives us some new information and we know what to expect next. This makes it very clear that in the next episode Goku and Vegeta will return to the future. Then Goku will either try ‘ The Mafuba ‘ on Zamasu and fail or Zamasu and Black will break the jar even before they ever try it. I have mentioned this before but I want to say it again anyway, The Evil Containment Wave or Mafuba drains a lot of life force which could result in the death of the user. Like, Master Mutaito and Roshi died back in Dragon Ball due to using this technique. However, if the user is powerful they might escape death, but the opponent’s power here must also be taken into consideration; as the use of life, force might depend on it. The preview also mentions that Trunks will try to repair the jar using some special skills.

It is understandable that Goku Black and Zamasu will wreck Trunks. Vegeta and Goku would probably return just in time to save Trunks, or Mai could have something to do with creating distractions as we see in the trailer. Then, Future Trunks would probably take a Senzu Bean and restore health. While Vegeta fights Black and perhaps Goku holds back Zamasu.

Anyways I have no idea about what specials skills Trunks is going to use to repair the container. After knowing this we can now connect some more dots. We already have spoilers up to episode 65 and we know for a fact that Zamasu and Black will merge using the Potara. So, that would probably mean Goku is not going to be able to seal them before that. It leads to an interesting thought, that would a merged Zamasu Black get sealed resulting in the end of the arc, but that would require a huge amount of life force. So, Goku might even die trying to do that or they could make Gogeta canon to make things more interesting, and it would also be more justifiable for Gogeta or Vegito to seal Zamasu Black.

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