Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 ” Vegeta Wrecks Goku Black ” – Top 5 WTF

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 63: ” Don’t Defile Saiyan Cells! Vegeta’s Intense Battle!! ” Top moments, full review! Trunks attacks Zamasu, Black gets beaten up by Vegeta and much more! Watch the video and find out!

5. Mai vs Black-

Mai decides to kill Black with a specialized bullet Future Bulma had created with the purpose of taking out Super Human Beings. It was brave of Mai to do that, but at the same time idiotic. No matter how special the bullet is, it was only obvious that it wasn’t going to kill someone with Universe level durability like Goku Black. Mai’s decision was undoubtedly influenced more by emotions rather than logic. That scene, however, was really cool, Mai targeted Black with a Sniper like a pro assassin and even though the Bullet couldn’t really hurt Black but he was caught by surprise off guard and fell off the chair. At the end, I think Mai and the resistance army is a refreshing addition. It is good to know that normal humans are having roles in Dragon Ball Universe. In DC or Marvel comics, we see a lot of involvement from normal humans, and in this arc, we have seen a lot like that. Like, all credits of the time machine obviously go to Bulma. So, it was good to watch. The change of location was also due to this as Trunks arrived at the spot to defend Mai and fought Black and Zamasu near their hideout house in the mountains.

4. Trunks Self-destruction

Trunks realized there was no way to defeat Zamasu just by attacking him no matter how hard he tried due to his regeneration abilities. But, Trunks thought if Zamasu was totally blown off maybe he wouldn’t be able to regenerate. After using Vegeta’s Final Flash and Galick Gun, Trunks tried another of his move. The same self-explosion Vegeta used against Majin Buu sacrificing himself, and it looks like Trunk attempted to do the same, but was stopped by Black’s ki Blade interference before he could finish it. This showed the extent Trunks is ready to go to take them out, truly amazing!

3. The Time Machine And Mafuba Jar Broken! –

By the time Goku and company returned to the future Black and Zamasu was already done with Trunks. They left him for dead and came for Goku and Vegeta right where they landed. Before anything, Black destroyed the Time Machine because that’s the biggest upper hand Goku had. Unfortunately, even the Mafuba Jar was in the Time Machine. Now, this would cost them big time. Since the only way to stop Immortal Zamasu was to seal him in the jar using The Evil Containment Wave. Later we find out that Bulma was prepared for something like this, thus she brought a capsule garage, where should be fixing the Time Machine, and he got Trunks to fix the Mafuba Jar as he was jigsaw puzzles. I wonder if this fixed jar would cause problems in sealing the opponents properly. As there is bound to be some small cracks even if it is fixed using Super Glue. If this was not the case if the jar was not broken. Goku would probably be able to seal down Zamasu by now as we see he is completely outmatching him in terms of power. From the preview, we know, in the next episode Black and Zamasu will fuse or merge into one. Sealing them after that won’t be so easy.

2. Vegeta Wrecks Black-

This was probably the most enjoyable and badass part of the episode everything about this was very Vegetaish, the action, the dialogs felt very DBZ like. You could feel the grudge Vegeta was taking out on Black, giving him a beating of his lifetime. I just loved that part when Vegeta expressed how much of a beast Kakarot really is and how Black couldn’t use the body to its fullest just by stealing it. The way they choreographed that action sequence was just truly stunning. This is the Vegeta that we all want and love. The speech he gave, he must have been rehearsing that in the hyperbolic time chamber. Black was wondering how Vegeta got so strong in such a short time, that he did with the help of the time chamber. In the beginning of the episode, they zoom right into the top to the time chamber as we see Vegeta kicking off the episode with blasting the entire chamber off! Even that scene was about perfect. I really like how the quality of this series is improving every episode.

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