Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 ” The Supreme God Zamasu ” – Top 3 WTF!!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 ‘ Praise and Adore Him! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasu! ‘ Zamasu and Black fuse with the help of potara! Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks now have to face an even stronger enemy. Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 Preview Breakdown will be uploaded later.

3. Black’s Mysterious Power

We know Vegeta immensely powered up after returning from the past. Goku Black is envious of Vegeta’s power and tried to figure out the secret behind this sudden boost. Black figured it must be due to rage or anger Vegeta was able to surpass him so easily, Even though he considers the method as some dirty mortal technique. He uses it to his advantage and ends up developing his ki blade into a mysterious grim reaper’s scythe.

He developed powers which were even mysterious to him, and remained so even for the audience. The scythe created something that looked like a portal from one universe or timeline to another, but we don’t know for sure what it exactly was and how it worked. Though we came to know about its functionality to some extent, as it cuts to the next scene we see smokes forming into clones of
2. Future Trunks Uses the Evil Containment Wave
After repairing the broken containment jar, Trunks and company realized Goku is too occupied to use it. So, Bulma suggest Trunks to use the technique. The Evil Containment Wave otherwise known as Mafuba is also mastered by Piccolo. Luckily enough, Bulma had a record of Piccolo demonstrating how to use the technique. It’s like another YouTube reference after KamiTubeIn this episode, Trunks successfully used the evil containment wave on Zamasu, and even contained him for a while before he broke out of it because of the missing seal. This caught him completely by surprise and would go on to influence them to fuse or merge. learnt the technique just by watching it for once. I agree that was probably not the best way to show it, but believe it, the plot has become so complex the creative board is having a hard time trying to utilize all the resources properly. In their defense, Tien back in the Dragon Ball days did learn the move just by watching it for once, yes he did practice it a lot, but that was a long time ago. Trunks is like billion times stronger than DB Tien at this point of time. So, if you go by
Now, the argument that comes right with it is, Goku took quite a few hours to learn the move. Yes, that is a legit contradiction, but in their defense, Goku had no such urgency. So, he might have wanted to take proper amount of time to absolutely master the move. Maybe if required be he could learn it faster if it came down to it, and perhaps he was taking it easy as the Turtle was on the ence here, and maybe if Goku was in his place the same would have happened. One additional point is, it is because Zamasu is immortal he doesn’t always keep his guard, he often take attack only to come back like a badass. When Black returned he did point out that they shouldn’t get to Cocky.
However, having all that said in their defense. I think they could still make it look a bit more legit, instead of putting Gag attempts of Trunks trying to learn the evil containment wave. Bulma could have shown him in the clip right away and he could have attempted to learn PIccolo’s technique 2-3 times in there before finally executing it against Zamasu. Also they could make Trunks look just a bit weakened after using the move as it sucks out some life force, but sometimes we havesides within Trunks.
1. The Birth of Supreme God Zamasu!
After realizing just how dangerous the mortals can be, Goku Black and Zamasu decided to use their Ace card. Using the Potara earring they fused and reached an ultimate peak of power. They became a Supreme God, A God the universes have never seen before!

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