Dragon Ball Super Episode 65-66 ” Goku’s Life Risking Attack “

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 and Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Spoilers. Titles and Preview summaries revealed! watch this video and find out more!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 Title Is: “ The Final Judgment?! Supreme God’s Ultimate Power “ Airing Date- November 6th

Extended Preview Summary-

The “ 0 Mortals Plan “ heads into the final phase!

Goku Black and Zamasu have merged via the Potara. Now they’ve evolved into a fearsome foe, posing both an immortal body and formidable fighting power. What’s more merged Zamasu emits a “ wall of light “ that eliminates all it touches! They attack fused Zamasu with Ki blasts, but their ki is erased. And yet Goku and Vegeta don’t lose their fighting spirit…?

The mightiest god, his name is merged Zamasu.

That apart let’s get back to it and try to figure out what might happen next from this latest authentic reveal.

Returning to the showdown with Zamasu!

Trunks resolve to fight Zamasu in order to protect the people of West City! With the two Senzu he received from Mai in hand, he heads for Zamasu!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 Title is- “Showdown! The unyielding warrior’s miraculous power “ Airing Date- November 13th

After his ring of life is broken by Goku’s life risking attack, something strange happens to merged Zamasu “

So, we got a good amount of information from the reveals. In last episode, A major confusion was eliminated. Supreme God Zamasu mentioned that they are immortal. Previously while fighting Zamasu the biggest problem was that no matter how hard you hit him, he would regenerate, but now it looks like they are almost untouchable. Now, Goku and company can’t even damage them for a while.

In episode 65 preview trailer, we see a Ring behind the Supreme God. They are calling it ‘ The Ring of Life ‘ in episode 66 preview which was also referred as ‘ Wall of Light ‘ in episode 65 preview summary. However, the basic idea here is the ring is like an unbreakable shield protecting Supreme God Zamasu from all kinds of attack. It eliminates anything that it touches, and it specifically mentions that it erased Ki blasts of Goku and Vegeta. So this is going to be a hard obstacle to overcome, sounds like the ki Blasts will get erased even before touching it.


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