Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 75 Air Date, Trailer Preview: “Goku and Kuririn: To the Nostalgic Training Ground”

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Dragon Ball Super” Episode 75 Premiere is just around the corner and millions of fans are waiting for a fantastic episode which spoilers have been raving for quite sometime now. It seems that Great Saiyaman and Son Goku will be involved in a big fight in this episode and a lot of fans are thrilled to see that.

As reported by Yibada, Son Goku will find it hard to find a sparring partner in the said episode. The “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 75 entitled ‘Goku and Kuririn: To the Nostalgic Training Ground” will be the next chapter featuring a bored Son Goku looking for a training buddy. According to some updates, it is likely that he has suddenly become restless and wants to look for a sparring partner. He then saw Kuririn as the latter chases for a bank robber and it seems like he found his new bud right then and there.

Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine stated that the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 75 will revolve on Goku having no training partner as the Great Saiyaman shows up! The field got devastated due to their sparring and Chichi got furious because of this. In Newtype Ad, bored Goku forces Gohan transformation to Great Saiyaman and in turn lost Chi-chi’s temper. Furthermore, it was reported that a friendly fight ensues in this episode, destroying Son Goku’s training ground.

A new arc, meanwhile, was introduced two episodes after this coming one. Yibada has revealed that Animedia claims that a huge tournament is about to happen in the show. Ten warriors will be representing each of the universes and Son Gohan will be the one to represent the Earth. That is going to be an exciting news for all the fans! “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 75 Premiere will be on Sunday, January 22nd at 9 AM on Fuji TV. Here is the preview for the next episode:

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