Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Spoilers: Will Goku Stop Destruction of Universes for Tournament?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 Spoilers: Will Goku Stop Destruction of Universes for Tournament?

The Universe Survival Arc continues in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 78, “The Gods of Every Universe in Shock?! Losers erased in the Tournament of Power.”

In this installment, the destructive competition will finally begin, but not before everyone realizes the true stakes that come with it. By the end of the tournament, 11 universes will be no more

According to “Dragon Ball Super” episode 78 spoilers, Goku might finally realize that the tournament is a mistake. Many fans hope he would before many worlds are destroyed.

Fans have become divided as to how Goku has been acting in the previous “Dragon Ball Super” episodes. For one, he is the reason that the tournament is happening.

Many thought that the Saiyan insisting for the tournament to happen came across as arrogance or selfishness, as Goku only wanted it to come to pass because he wants to fight.

Others argue that fans would want to just stick around and be patient about where the Universe Survival arc is going. After all, this new “Dragon Ball Super” arc just started last week.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 78 is expected to see Goku rethink it all, but it looks like the tournament is pushing through anyway.

The synopsis for the installment reads:

“The ‘Tournament of Might’ will determine the strongest warriors in the universe, but it has an alarming rule that all universes except that of the winning team will be wiped out. What’s more, an ‘Omni-Present’ fighting match attended by the Omni-King is now also going to be held.”

According to “Dragon Ball Super” tipster Todd Blankenship, there will first be a “one-off match” before the actual tournament begins. More importantly, the Omni-King will be there to witness it.

This suggests that before the main tournament begins, each universe will first determine the warriors that will best represent their homes by testing their strength.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 78 airs Sunday, Feb. 12, on Fuji TV.

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