‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 80 Spoilers: A Blind Gohan Battles The Venomous Lavenda; Achieves Ultimate Form?

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 80 Spoilers: A Blind Gohan Battles The Venomous Lavenda; Achieves Ultimate Form?

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 80 continues the “Universal Survival” story arc. In this episode, Gohan’s limits will be tested after he is blinded by Venomous Lavenda in battle. Spoiler alert! This article contains “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers.

Earlier in February 2017, “Dragon Ball Super” commenced the “Universal Survival” saga. This is where Goku requested the Omni-Kings’ martial arts tournament, called “Tournament of Power,” among the different universes. The elite fighters of each universe were invited to battle each other, although the fate of the victors and losers remain a mystery.

According to Comic Book, Universe 7 is on a high after its win in the first round, with Buu defeating Basil. Gohan prepares to battle the Venomous Lavenda in Round 2, but is blinded as he begins the bout in “Dragon Ball Super.” The Universe 9 enemy blinds him with poison, which keeps him from reading Lavenda’s moves, making it a very difficult fight.

In “Dragon Ball Super,” the Venomous Lavenda is the second-oldest brother of the Trio the Dangers. Lavenda actually decided to cheat after the recent victory of Universe 7 by spraying poison mist straight into Gohan’s eyes. Gohan will have to think of a counterattack fast, despite losing his vision. It is uncertain whether Gohan will remain blinded throughout the next bouts, but it is obvious that he will lose any initial advantage. He will have to be resourceful and conserve his strength while he tries to use his impairment as a means to win.

In “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 80, titled “Awaken Your Sleeping Battle Spirit! Son Gohan’s Fight!!,” Goku will be watching his son’s battle and will declare that his current predicament is actually an opportunity. He will remain unaffected by his son’s incapacity and believe that Gohan will eventually realize how to overcome it. It is very likely that Gohan’s blind state will allow him to reach his ultimate form after he unlocks his dormant power.

There are speculations on “Dragon Ball Super” that Gohan will successfully defeat Lavenda. In Round 3, Goku will fight the final member of the Trio the Danger named Bergamo. How this turns out is something fans excitedly anticipate.

Based on a YouTube video by The Fan Guy, Goku was spotted battling Bergamo in a new “Dragon Ball Super” opening sequence. This somehow hints that Gohan was victorious in the second round, thus allowing Goku to advance to Round 3. On the other hand, it is possible that the Goku-Bergamo fight happened at a much later date; that is, in an against-the-rules or final match.


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