Dragon Ball Super Episode 82: “ I won’t forgive Son Goku! The Warrior of Justice Toppo’s Intrusion!!”!

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As Goku and Toppo battles, The Great Priest stops their fight and tells them to settle things at the “ Tournament of Power”. The Tournament of Power will be set up as a battle royal, where 80 warriors from 8 different Universes battle all at once and lose if they fall from the stage. Losing means having your Universe destroyed, and the tournament begins in just 40 hours.

It must be Toppo in place of Jiren that was probably a mistake. Anyway, we also got a separate preview summary of Episode 82, and here are the interesting parts of it.

Zeno This Week: Showing interest in Goku and Toppo’s Battle!

Zeno has his interest piqued by Goku and Toppo’s battle and accepts a proposal from Universe 11’s gods to have a special match.

Though Goku and Toppo show off close combat with neither side giving an inch, the Great Priest stops their battle, forcing them to settle things at the “Tournament of Power”. And so, the “Tournament of Power” at which losing Universes are wiped out is just 40 hours away. Goku returns to Earth in order to select the ten warriors who will determine the fate of Universe 7.

So, this preview summary reveals quite a lot. As we now know the main outcome of this Goku vs Toppo encounter. They will go toe to toe before getting interrupted and stopped by The Great Priest. Will it give us an idea as to how strong Toppo is?

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