Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 "Krillin’s New Attack!"- Preview Breakdown

Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 "Krillin’s New Attack!"- Preview Breakdown

the ‘ Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 ‘ frame by frame preview breakdown.

The Episode Title Is- “Son Goku The Talent Scout: Inviting Krillin and Android 18” April 2nd
Preview Summary- In order to gather team members for the “tournament of Power”, Goku and Gohan first visit Krillin. While Krillin agrees to participate, Android 18 refuses, so Goku lies and says there’s a 10 million zenny prize if they win.

Translation Courtesy- Herms98

The Episode Preview totally got me excited, as you all know I am a huge fan of Krilin and other human Z fighters like Master Roshi and Tien. I totally love Dragon Ball Super, but I always felt one con of it is that it is too much of a Saiyan show, and other decent characters like Krillin wasn’t getting attention. However, finally, they are getting rid of that problem, and are now going to give characters like Krillin the push they deserve.

In the episode 85 preview, we see Krillin sparring with Gohan, and even there’s a battle like scene against Goku where we see Goku going Super Saiyan blue.

Now, as we know Goku and Gohan took the responsibility of forming the Universe 7 team. Good thing for Gohan fans after a long, long time, Gohan seems genuinely pumped up about this tournament. You can see he is enjoying the entire process, just like he mentioned, he has Saiyan Blood after all.

Anyways, they have already decided 9 out of 10 fighters. While the Kaioshin is searching 28 other planets with mortal life, but from the opening, we do know Tien will eventually fill up that spot.

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