Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 " The Strongest Warrior"- Preview Breakdown

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 " The Strongest Warrior"- Preview Breakdown

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 will be eventful. As Goku and Gohan continue their search for the Universe 7 team, Goku seeks out Majin Buu Slim version to join, while Gohan goes to get Piccolo enlisted. We will also get a look at the warriors of Universe 11. In the preview, we see some new characters like the Beerus look alike, the Cyborg and the much anticipated the biggest badass from Universe 11 Jiren. It looks like The Gods of Destruction, and also the Kaioshins will have separate meetings. We got interesting spoilers about why The Gods of Destruction are meeting up, which we will go through shortly.

As we wait for the episode to get aired, here I will breakdown Dragon Ball Super ‘Episode 85 English Sub’ Preview or Trailer.

Previously, in Episode 84 they convinced Krillin and 18 to participate. It was really an amazing episode, especially if you are a Krillin fan, you will simply love it. I have already seen that Goku vs Krillin fighting clip more than ten times. Anyways, moving on to Episode 85 preview! Next on the list is Majin Buu. It looks like Gohan will meet Piccolo, while Goku meets Buu. That would be the smart thing to do, and honestly, we can’t really say they have been smart lately.

The fact that they are hiding the real reason of the tournament is getting on my nerves; it’s totally idiotic, illogical and a bad plot writing decision. That’s the only minor thing that I found annoying about this arc till this point. Every fighter is gonna find out about it anyway the moment they go there; I am sure The Great Priest or someone will say it. Also, they only had like 39 hours on hand to prepare for the biggest challenge of their lives.

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